Do You Need Your Swaybar Replaced in Downriver Michigan?

Do You Need Your Swaybar Replaced in Downriver Michigan

Your car’s suspension has many parts that keeps it giving you a smooth ride. Sometimes these components can fail and make your vehicle feel more like a horse and wagon rather than the sophisticated piece of technology that it is. One of these suspension components is the swaybar. In this article I’ll talk about what it does and what happens when it starts to fail.¬†

Do You Need Your Swaybar Replaced in Downriver Michigan?

Many people driving around town don’t realize just how many moving parts and components is working to give them a smooth, comfortable ride. There are parts like shocks, struts, and linkages. Another of these parts is called the Swaybar or anti-roll bar. When your car has problems with the swaybar in Downriver Michigan you’ll feel it and hear it as well. I’ll list some of the things that will happen and also what a swaybar does below.

How Does the Swaybar Work

The swaybar on a car works in the suspension to provide a smoother ride and better traction. They are mostly for cornering but serve a function while the car is moving in a straight line as well. When a car enters a curve the car will want to roll. The inertia of the vehicle puts more weight on the outside tires. Consequently, the inside tires are almost lifted off the ground. The body of the car turns when a swaybar is not working properly or not installed at all on older vehicles.

During this turning action more stress is placed on the outside suspension components. Springs and shocks are compressed while the inside springs and shocks are expanded. During this time, the body of the car leans and the center of gravity for the vehicle is higher because of the inside of the car being lifted from the inertia. The swaybar works to balance the car. Connecting both sides of the cars suspension so that it doesn’t roll like this. When one spring is compressed the other is as well and you don’t lean into the curve. It also helps to increase traction for tires on both sides of the car. This is especially true for tires on the inside of the curve.

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Signs That Your Swaybar is Going Bad or has Failed

There are different styles and shapes to swaybars but they all perform the same function. That function is to connect the suspension on one side of the car with the other side and keep the car from rolling during cornering. They usually have several joints in them that can go bad. When these joints start to go bad they are similar to a tie rod end going bad and will have play in them. When they are worn and have play in the joints you will hear a clunking sound when driving. It’s more apparent during turns and while accelerating. Your car will also lean more when turning on a curve.

If your car sounds and feels like the swaybar is failing and you suspect it needs changing then be sure to let a mechanic in Downriver Michigan check it out. You can usually get your swaybar replaced in Downriver Michigan for a reasonable price.

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