Does Your Car Need Brake Repair Downriver MI? Don’t Avoid These Signs

Does Your Car Need Brake Repair Downriver MI? Don't Avoid These Signs

A car that won’t start or the stops working when you’re driving around can become quite frustrating. However, having a car that won’t stop like it should can be extremely dangerous. Keeping your brakes in good working order can help ensure your car stops as it should. Most times when your brakes are needing service they will start showing some signs. When you notice any of these signs it’s best to get brake repair in Downriver Michigan as soon as possible. Here are some of the signs you should be aware of while driving.

Does Your Car Need Brake Repair Downriver MI? Don’t Avoid These Signs

Anytime your car is not performing as it should it can really put you into a bad situation. Breaking down along the highway can be dangerous and if the weather is bad, it can make matters even worse. Keeping your car in good working order and properly serviced can help you to avoid many of the problems that plague cars. Some of this service can be delayed a bit but when it comes to brakes on your car it’s important that you get the brakes serviced as soon as you notice any problems. If you notice any of the following signs it’s best to take your car to a qualified mechanic in Downriver Michigan to get your brakes serviced.

Brake Service in Downriver Michigan

Your Car’s Brake Light is On

Cars today are much more advanced than those built just a few decades ago. Most cars have advanced on board computers that make calculations many times each second you’re driving. They also have many sensors that pick up on the slightest problems or malfunctions and send that information to the computer. When the computer picks up on one of these malfunctions then a warning light shows up on the dashboard. So although you may think that nothing is wrong, there is usually a reason why a warning light appears on your dashboard. And when it comes to brakes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Your Car Pulls to One Side While Braking

When you apply the brakes on your car it should track in a straight line without pulling to one side or another. Sometimes if the car’s brakes are wearing unevenly it can cause one wheel to brakes more than others which can lead to the car pulling one way during braking.

Your Car Bumps When Brakes Are Applied

Most cars today have anti-lock braking systems which prevent the brakes from skidding and causing the driver to lose control. When this ABS system has problems however it can lead to a bumping feeling when the brakes are applied. At first the bump will feel subtle but over time will get more and more pronounced. Another problem that can cause this is the rotors on your car are damaged in some way. In either case, getting your car’s brakes serviced by a reputable auto repair shop is recommended.


Your Car Squeals or Grinds When Brakes are Applied

Normal wear on your braking system happens each time you drive. When your brakes are applied the brake pads clamp down onto the rotor which in turn stops your car. Over time the friction on the brake pads start to wear them down. There are warning tabs on most brake pads which make a high pitched squeal when brakes are applied which indicate that the brake pads are needing to be replaced. If you continue to drive the car after this squeaking it may start making a grinding sound which means the brake pads are completely exhausted and now there is metal to metal contact which causes all sorts of damage and can make your brakes lock up more easily.

You Notice Fluid on the Ground Where Your Car is Parked

During the summer it’s common for cars to drip water from underneath as the air conditioner runs. But this should only be water. If you notice any sort of fluid or oil on the ground that is coming from your car it’s important to get it checked as soon as possible.

Don’t Delay When You Need Brake Service on Your Car

When you notice any of the signs above, be sure to have your checked thoroughly by a qualified auto service shop in Downriver Michigan. You may be putting yourself and everyone around you at risk when you delay getting brake service on your car.

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