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Does Your Car Need Brake Repair Downriver MI? Don't Avoid These Signs

Does Your Car Need Brake Repair Downriver MI? Don’t Avoid These Signs

A car that won’t start or the stops working when you’re driving around can become quite frustrating. However, having a car that won’t stop like it should can be extremely dangerous. Keeping your brakes in good working order can help ensure your car stops as it should. Most times when […]

Downriver MI Auto repair

Does Your Car Need Repairs in Downriver Michigan? Be Sure to Check These Tips

We seldom think of auto repair when our car is driving as it should. And why would we? It’s inconvenient, and sometimes expensive. The truth is today’s cars are incredibly reliable. However, if you’re a frequent driver, it’s likely you’re more in tune with your vehicle than you think and […]

From Summer to Snowfall, Car Maintenance and the Winter Ahead in Michigan

With colder weather coming, it’s a great time to start planning for any routine maintenance you may have put off. While it’s never advisable to disregard your car’s upkeep, the winter months can be brutal and accelerate wear and tear. Before the flurries fall, take a look at any service […]

Your Car’s Check Engine Light: Is It A Cause for Concern?

The check engine light has been instilling driver panic since day one. The ominous orange glow – sometimes accompanied by a chime – is cause for alert but is rarely the death sentence drivers assume. There are a number of reasons your dashboard might sport a check engine light in […]

Replace Timing Belt Downriver MI

Does the Timing Belt on Your Car Need to Be Replaced? The Answer May Surprise You

Timings belts are one of the most critical points of your car’s engine. Due to their light weight and durability, timings belts have been a mainstay in automotive engine design. But what exactly is a timing belt? To some drivers it may sound vaguely familiar; only to conjure up images […]

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A Crash Course on Collision Repair in Downriver Michigan

Car accidents are inconvenient at best. As we venture into the summer months and the roads swell with motorists, the chance of an accident increases. Unfortunately, drivers are far more likely to budget for routine maintenance than they are collision repair, which can make car accidents a costly ordeal as […]

Summer Will Soon Be Here, Is Your Car’s Air Conditioner Ready?

It’s the first hot day of the season, so you crank the A/C – but nothing happens. Maybe giving it a few minutes to get up to speed is all that’s needed, you think. But a couple miles into your drive, and you still can’t tell if the air is […]

Breaking Down Anti-Lock Brakes in Southgate Michigan

Chances are you’ve heard about anti-lock brakes. That’s probably why you’re here. The chances are even better, though, that your car is equipped with them. In fact, virtually all modern cars are. Anti- lock brakes (or ABS for short) are one of your vehicle’s primary safety features – right up […]

Changing Oil in Downriver MI

Common Questions on Getting an Oil Change in Downriver Michigan

Think of automotive maintenance, and one of the first things to come to mind is the oil change – and for good reason. Oil is the lifeblood of your car. Subjected to the extremes of the internal combustion engine – heat, pressure, friction – on a constant basis, oil inevitably […]

Wheels Downriver MI

Improper Wheel Alignment in Downriver Michigan: Causes and Cures

Uneven and poorly maintained roads are brutal on a car. Throw in winter conditions, and you’re met with a clear path to problems. Sand and sleet, pot holes, frost heaves – these obstacles spell disaster. The most insidious of the bunch are damaged roads, which can wreak havoc on a […]