Does Your Car Need Brake Repair Downriver MI? Don't Avoid These Signs

Does Your Car Need Brake Repair Downriver MI? Don’t Avoid These Signs

A car that won’t start or the stops working when you’re driving around can become quite frustrating. However, having a car that won’t stop like it should can be extremely dangerous. Keeping your brakes in good working order can help ensure your car stops as it should. Most times when […]

The Lowdown on Auto Maintenance in Southgate Michigan

Auto maintenance in Southgate Michigan – a necessary burden that accompanies car ownership no matter the make and model – need not be something you put off out of fear of a high bill or lengthy time without your car. In fact, most auto maintenance in Southgate Michigan is routine; […]

Auto Repair Downriver MI

An Introduction to Auto Repair Shops in Downriver Michigan

Establishing a repair shop as your go-to for automotive maintenance and repair is an essential part of car ownership. For most, travel is part of day-to-day life, and having a reliable mechanic in Downriver Michigan can spell the difference between minor headache and total disaster. Not all repair shops are […]

Downriver MI Mechanic

Should You Call A Mechanic in Downriver Michigan or Do It Yourself?

With the ever increasing cost of living, many people look to save money by doing small mechanical jobs themselves. In addition to savings, the sense of pride associated with a job well done has many do-it-yourselfers putting down their wallets and picking up a wrench. Armchair auto mechanics are legion, […]

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Does Your Car Need Repairs in Downriver Michigan? Be Sure to Check These Tips

We seldom think of auto repair when our car is driving as it should. And why would we? It’s inconvenient, and sometimes expensive. The truth is today’s cars are incredibly reliable. However, if you’re a frequent driver, it’s likely you’re more in tune with your vehicle than you think and […]

From Summer to Snowfall, Car Maintenance and the Winter Ahead in Michigan

With colder weather coming, it’s a great time to start planning for any routine maintenance you may have put off. While it’s never advisable to disregard your car’s upkeep, the winter months can be brutal and accelerate wear and tear. Before the flurries fall, take a look at any service […]

Your Car’s Check Engine Light: Is It A Cause for Concern?

The check engine light has been instilling driver panic since day one. The ominous orange glow – sometimes accompanied by a chime – is cause for alert but is rarely the death sentence drivers assume. There are a number of reasons your dashboard might sport a check engine light in […]

The Straight and Narrow on Wheel Alignment in Downriver Michigan

Wheel alignment is a straightforward process that becomes urgent if left unchecked. If you feel your car pulling to one side instead of tracking straight, it’s a safe bet that the alignment is off. Furthermore, neglecting proper wheel alignment in Downriver Michigan can drastically reduce the service life of your […]

Auto Towing Service in Downriver MI

Roadside Assistance and Towing in Downriver Michigan

Being sidelined while driving is a real pain. At best, sitting in the breakdown lane is a massive inconvenience. But it’s also a very real safety concern. In fact, roadside fatalities have increased on a yearly basis due in part to improper planning when stranded on the sideline. As roads […]

Replace Timing Belt Downriver MI

Does the Timing Belt on Your Car Need to Be Replaced? The Answer May Surprise You

Timings belts are one of the most critical points of your car’s engine. Due to their light weight and durability, timings belts have been a mainstay in automotive engine design. But what exactly is a timing belt? To some drivers it may sound vaguely familiar; only to conjure up images […]