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Does Your Car Need Brake Repair Downriver MI? Don't Avoid These Signs

Does Your Car Need Brake Repair Downriver MI? Don’t Avoid These Signs

A car that won’t start or the stops working when you’re driving around can become quite frustrating. However, having a car that won’t stop like it should can be extremely dangerous. Keeping your brakes in good working order can help ensure your car stops as it should. Most times when […]

Changing Oil in Downriver MI

Common Questions on Getting an Oil Change in Downriver Michigan

Think of automotive maintenance, and one of the first things to come to mind is the oil change – and for good reason. Oil is the lifeblood of your car. Subjected to the extremes of the internal combustion engine – heat, pressure, friction – on a constant basis, oil inevitably […]

Benefits of Using Snow Tires in Michigan During Winter

It’s easy to overlook vehicle maintenance amidst all the seasonal bustle. Before you head for the slopes or out in search of latest sale, creating a checklist to ensure your car has been properly winterized prior to the first snowfall is an excellent way to ensure safe passage through the […]

Downriver MI Braking Systems

Is Your Anti-Lock Brakes in Downriver Michigan Failing? Learn More Here

These days, nearly all cars and even some motorcycles are equipped with anti-lock brakes. Many drivers have heard the term, but generally take them for granted. Anti-lock brakes typically take a behind-the-scenes role and are only called upon under extreme circumstances. That is, anti-lock brakes are not always activated when […]

Car Repair in Downriver MI

What Is Your Check Engine Light in Downriver Michigan Trying to Say?

Check engine lights have been sending shivers down the spines of drivers ever since computers took control of cars. You know the one – that orange light vaguely resembling the outline of a motor, usually offset to one side of the speedometer. If you’re like many, the sight of this […]

Breaking Down the Importance of Car Maintenance in Michigan

If you’re reading this, chances are you own a car. Most motorists understand the concept of car maintenance, but fewer grasp the reasons behind why parts wear, and which are the most likely to cause catastrophic damage if neglected. Today’s vehicles are engineering marvels, requiring teams of the brightest engineers […]

Downriver MI Tires

Going Bald: The Dangers of Worn Tires in Downriver Michigan

Ever take a turn a little too fast, hit a puddle a tad too deep, or maybe a patch of black ice and realize you’ve momentarily handed over control of your vehicle to the hazards of the road? For most of us, it’s a moment that lasts but a second […]

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Drive Safe This Summer in Michigan With These Tips

When it comes to accidents many people think that winter is the worse time but actually during summer, there are more traffic fatalities. More people are usually on the road during summer and taking longer road trips. Sometimes we try and squeeze a bit too much vacation in and this […]

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Shocks in Downriver Michigan

Owning a car is a big responsibility with the required maintenance it takes to make if perform efficiently. In addition, making sure our car is serviced with necessary upkeep can help us be safer on the road. While getting an oil change, changing your brakes, or getting new tires is […]

Weird Noises From Your Car Can Be a Sign of Trouble in Michigan

Keeping your car running right means you need to get regular service. Not only regular service but sometimes between services the car can start giving problems. Some of these problems may not be evident while driving but they may leave your car making some weird sounds. Many times the type […]