Weird Noises From Your Car Can Be a Sign of Trouble in Michigan

Keeping your car running right means you need to get regular service. Not only regular service but sometimes between services the car can start giving problems. Some of these problems may not be evident while driving but they may leave your car making some weird sounds. Many times the type and nature of the sound can give you a bit of information on what it can be and what the mechanic may need to look at when getting it serviced. When your car makes any of the following noises it’s best to get it checked by a Southgate Michigan mechanic to determine just what is wrong before your car stops completely.¬†

Weird Noises From Your Car Can Be a Sign of Trouble in Michigan

If you hear any of the following noises while driving your car it’s best to get it checked out. By determining there is a problem early before a component quits completely you can likely save money on repairs and maybe even avoid a towing fee in case the car eventually stops working. Before you allow the car to keep making sounds, getting it checked could prevent further damage that may be occurring if you completely ignore the noises from the car. I’ll go over some of sounds you may hear while driving and explain what they may be and why you will need it get your car checked out by a properly certified auto mechanic in Southgate Michigan.

Weird Noises From Your Car Can Be a Sign of Trouble in Michigan

Whine During Driving

A common noise that may happen when driving is a whining sound coming from the car. A whining sound during acceleration can be problematic because it can be a transmission problem. Your transmission may be leaking fluid or low in fluid and continuing to drive the car like this can cause damage to your transmission.

Loud Squeaking When Turning Sharply

When turning your steering wheel all the way to the left or right while driving or just sitting in the car while it is idling and a load squeak occurs it is usually from the power steering system. This can be caused by low fluid in the power steering reservoir or the pump going bad. Continuing to run the system low in fluid will cause the pump to eventually fail.

Clicking or Tapping Sound

There are many different reasons why your can may be clicking or tapping while driving. If the sound gets much louder when turning it is likely a problem with your constant velocity axles on the car. Other sounds can be problems with the engine in the car. In either case you’ll want to get this noise checked as soon as possible. If there is a problem with your engine being able to diagnose the problem and get it repaired is essential to keeping your car running right.

Hissing Sounds from Under the Hood

As summer approaches here in Southgate Michigan so does the chance for a vehicle to run hot. Sometimes when a car runs hot it lets steam out which sounds a lot like a hiss. You may notice this noise after longer drives or during hot days. When you hear this sound you’ll want to get the car serviced as more and more steam comes out of the car the more and more the chances of the car overheating will be.

Squeaking When Brakes Are Applied

Brakes are one component on your car that will need to be replaced regularly. The more aggressive your driving style the more your brakes will need to be replaced. When you hear squeaking when applying the brakes on your car it likely means the brakes on your car are needing to be replaced. Check with a ASE certified repair shop in Southgate Michigan to get your brakes checked as quickly as possible.

Loud Sounds from Exhaust

Have you noticed a different sound for your car? Sometimes when an exhaust leak happens it can be a bit different than your car usually sounds. It may also be extremely loud as well. This can be dangerous as when a leak in the exhaust system on your car happens it can let exhaust fumes inside the car which can be really dangerous.

Get Your Can Serviced

When you hear a problem start to happen by noticing a sound coming from your car it is best to get it checked as quickly as possible. One place to get it checked which have fully certified ASE mechanics is Good Care Auto. Be sure to contact Good Care Auto today by calling (734) 285-1188


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