Tips for Keeping Your Car in Good Condition This Summer

The seasons can play a huge role in how our cars perform. Today’s cars have sophisticated equipment that measures lots of different things about the outside weather that is around our cars. These sensors determine how cold it is outside, how much moisture is in the air, even the barometric pressure is calculated. All of these things help the car perform better and get the best fuel mileage possible while also giving you the power you want to get around. Small changes in the car can sometimes throw these systems off kilter and getting your car serviced in Downriver Michigan may be needed to get it in great driving condition. I’ll share a few tips that can keep your car running better this summer. 

Tips for Keeping Your Car in Good Condition This Summer

Everyone loves the summer weather when you can get out and about in your car and don’t need to worry about the snow or ice. It’s the perfect time of the year to roll out along the sun-kissed boulevard with your favorite car and your best friends. But summer is the season of blazing heat, dry dust and as such instant overheating of car parts. But before you set out make sure that your vehicle is well serviced in Downriver Michigan and ready to rock through your summer vacation if you’re planning one.

Tips for Keeping Your Car in Good Condition This Summer

Many of these tips can be applied at any time of year however, for some there are different manufacturer specifications that need to be followed. Always check with a certified auto service mechanic in Downriver Michigan to ensure the correct specifications for your car.

Your Car May Require Different Weight Oil During Summer

If it has been quite a while since you changed the oil filter of your car then consider doing it again before hitting the highway in summer. The high heat of summer puts extra pressure on the oil and its filter. While the oil lubricates the parts of the automobile, the filter prevents the dirt, debris and fragments
of metals from contaminating the oil. Clean the filter to keep the oil free from pollution which in turn will ensure smooth functioning of auto components. Some cars will require different oil weights for summer weather in Downriver MI.

Check the Level of the Fluids in Your Car

Changes in weather and temperature causes the fluid levels in the car to fluctuate especially the coolant, the fluid power steering and even the fluid to wipe the windshields. Double check these levels or stop at a gas station and make the auto service technicians give you a report on the levels. Always get the fluid levels in your car checked when you get regular service on your car as well.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressures

Most tires today have Nitrogen used to inflate them because the pressures don’t fluctuate much. Nonetheless, the pressure on the tires fluctuates depending on the weather and temperature. Ensure that the tires are well inflated before setting out on a long summer drive. Do not forget to carry a spare tire or at least save the number of a towing service in Downriver Michigan.

Is Your Car’s Tire Aligned?

Your vehicular alignment needs checking if the steering wheel begins to vibrate when the car is pulled to a particular side, or perhaps the steering wheel is not centered while driving in a straight direction. Appropriate alignment is essential for a smooth car ride and even help you save up on gas. Bad alignment will cause excessive tire wear which can be dangerous.

Time for Battery Replacement?

The rate of loss of fluid increases in summer resulting in erosion of the automobile battery. This will leave you hopelessly stranded in the middle of nowhere. So make sure that the automobile battery is in good condition before setting out. If your battery’s warranty is nearing it’s end then consider replacing the battery before it quits completely.

Don’t let a small problem get out of hand and leave you beside the road. If your car isn’t ready for the summer weather that will be here soon be sure to take it to a qualified auto mechanic in Downriver Michigan. Good Car Auto is one of the best auto service shops in Downriver and can help keep your car performing great.

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