Does Your Car Need an Alignment?

Getting Auto Repairs and Alignment

Does your car need alignment? Needing alignment for your car and not getting it can cause damage to the tires and suspension systems of your car. If you ignore the signs and don’t get an alignment it could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It can also cause you to drive with the car in unsafe conditions which can be extremely dangerous. Here are some signs that you may need a wheel alignment for your vehicle. 

Signs That It’s Time For A Car Alignment

The first sign is that if you are dealing with your vehicle pulling to the left or right. Most of the times if it is pulling real bad then it is time for an alignment. Any time you feel like your vehicle is pulling in one direction then you should always go get it checked right away. If not it could cause you to lose control and wreck. With your car pulling to either side it could shorten your tire’s life by thousands of miles.

The next sign you will experience is uneven wear on your tires. Normally you will be able to tell within a few thousand miles because you will notice that the inside of your tires are getting worn out faster than the outside of the tire. It may also be the other way around, the outside wearing out faster than the inside. This sign is caused by camber. It’s usually because you have too much camber or not enough.

Any time you feel like your vehicle is pulling in one direction then you should always go get it checked right away.

Your Steering Wheel Should Be Lined Up During Straight Driving

The third sign is if you are driving down a straight away and your steering wheel is crooked. The best way to check this is find a back road with a long straight away. This is probably one of the most easiest ways to check rather you need an alignment or not. Normally, this is caused by too much toe in or too much toe out. This will wear your tires down quick and you will be forced to buy new ones. Too much toe in or out will also result in poor vehicle handling and this could be deadly.

Signs That It’s Time For A Car Alignment in Michigan

Does Your Car Vibrate?

The next sign is steering wheel vibration. This is something that is easily noticeable as soon as it starts. It will feel like you phone is vibrating in your hands. If you don’t go get an alignment whenever you first notice a vibration it will begin to get worse and worse. When your car’s steering wheel is vibrating then this is usually caused by your steering gear is getting worn or loose or either your wheel bearings or axle is damaged. This isn’t to hard of a problem to fix and shouldn’t cost an arm and leg.


It is always important to get an alignment if you experience any of the signs I have listed above. An alignment is usually inexpensive compared to other suspension repairs. It’s better to pay that rather than having to pay for a whole new set of tires and possible other money on other suspension parts. By not getting your tires aligned it could cut your tire’s life in half or more. The reasons for your vehicle needing an alignment could be from plenty of things. It could be from too much positive or negative camber. The way to tell if you have too much positive or negative camber is by standing in front of your car and seeing if the top of the wheels are leaning inwards or outwards. If it is leaning inwards, this is known as negative camber. If it is leaning outwards, this is known as positive camber.

Wheel Alignment Problems with Toe In and Out

The next reason it could consist of is too much toe in or too much toe out. In order to check rather you have too much toe in or out, you will have to put your vehicle on a lift. Then, you will have to stand up under it and look up at your wheels and see if they are pointing towards each other or to the outside of your vehicle, this is known as too much toe in, or toe out. If you haven’t experienced none of these signs and feel like you haven’t had an alignment in a while you can always just go to your car manual and it will let you know about when you will need to get your next tire alignment.

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