Keep Your Car Running Great with Scheduled Services in Michigan

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Keeping your car running smoothly means keeping it serviced as it was designed to. Different car manufacturers have different intervals for services on vehicle components and many times these services go without notice until something goes wrong and it causes all sorts of problems. There are components on your car that are designed to last a specific amount of miles before servicing is needed and allowing it to go past that point can mean your car is on the brink of breaking down. In this article I’ll list some of the things on your car that need regular servicing albeit not as often as regular service. 

Keep Your Car Running Great with Scheduled Services in Michigan

One thing that you’ll need to consider is the age of your car and also the manufacturers specifications. While some car manufacturers will give specifics about when the car needs to be serviced there are some older models of cars in which you basically need to guess when the right time to service them are. Most newer cars have sophisticated computer systems that monitor the car and make recommendations by using messages on the dashboard of the car or warning lights that are illuminated on the dashboard for the driver to see. If you notice your check engine light or other warning light come on be sure to get it checked by a reputable mechanic.

Keep Your Car Running Great with Scheduled Services in Michigan

Timing Belt or Timing Chain Replacement

The timing belt or chain on your vehicle is basically the device used to connect the engines components and keep them in sync. If your car has a timing belt it’s much like the other belts that may be installed in your car. It’s made of rubber and other materials that will break down over time. Changing the timing belt when recommended is advised as once the belt breaks it can literally destroy your engine. Changing the timing belt usually occurs at 75,000 miles but you’ll need to check your owners manual to determine the mileage you should change yours at.

Transmission Service or Flush

Most cars today have sealed transmissions that use transmission fluid that basically lasts the lifetime of the car or to a specified point. Older cars may have a dipstick to use to check transmission fluid levels but most newer cars don’t have this option and the transmission fluid needs to be checked from under the car using specialized tools or methods. There is a filter located in the transmission and sometimes car manufacturers will recommend changing this filter and also flushing the entire system.

Radiator Flush or Coolant Change

As time goes by the coolant in your vehicle can start to break down and not protect your car the way it should. Many times a simple litmus check on the coolant can determine how much life is left in the coolant. You’ll want to look at manufacturer’s specifications for a complete flush of the system however.

Spark Plugs and Wires Replacement

Older model cars usually recommend changing the spark plugs and wires at 50,000 miles however, with newer cars that have coil packs installed that mark can be much higher. If you’ve changed the spark plugs in your car before it can also have an impact on when they should be changed. Higher quality parts will last longer. Be sure to check the owners manual to determine when you should replace wires, spark plugs, or coil packs on your car.

Wheel Alignment

Keeping your car going straight is extremely important. Although getting your alignment checked regularly is recommended it’s very important to get it checked if you feel the car pulling to one side or the other. Tire damage can occur quickly and you can be destroying your tires by driving the car when it’s not aligned properly. You’ll also want to make sure the tires are rotated properly as well. Directional tires also need to keep the same direction in the rotation.

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If you suspect your car may need any of the above services and you live in the Downriver Michigan area be sure to call Good Care Auto. Using a certified mechanic and repair shop such as Good Care Auto means your car will be serviced correctly and done according to manufacturers specifications. Get more information by calling Good Care Auto today at 734-285-1188.



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