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Does Your Car Need Repairs in Downriver Michigan? Be Sure to Check These Tips

We seldom think of auto repair when our car is driving as it should. And why would we? It’s inconvenient, and sometimes expensive. The truth is today’s cars are incredibly reliable. However, if you’re a frequent driver, it’s likely you’re more in tune with your vehicle than you think and […]

Vehicle Emissions and Why They Matter in Southgate Michigan

It’s no secret that cars pollute. But a car’s emissions are often cast off as a necessary evil within a greater good. Without cars our social networks, career prospects, and the ability to experience places otherwise inaccessible would shrink dramatically. Let’s face it – without cars, the way we exist […]

Exhaust repair

Understanding Exhaust System Repair in Downriver Michigan

Exhaust repair in Downriver Michigan can be a tricky topic for many drivers, as cost and complexity can vary widely. Your car’s exhaust system may seem straightforward, but in fact relies on a complex network of pipes to efficiently – and safely – emit exhaust fumes from the tailpipe. If […]

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Get the Best Automotive Cooling Systems and Overheating Service in Michigan

Nearly all cars on the road today use a sophisticated liquid cooling system to keep temperatures in check, even during the dog days of summer. Thanks to technological advancements, vehicle cooling systems are incredibly robust and rarely fail. However, that doesn’t mean vehicles cannot overheat. When they do, catastrophic damage […]

Breaking Down Anti-Lock Brakes in Southgate Michigan

Chances are you’ve heard about anti-lock brakes. That’s probably why you’re here. The chances are even better, though, that your car is equipped with them. In fact, virtually all modern cars are. Anti- lock brakes (or ABS for short) are one of your vehicle’s primary safety features – right up […]

What You Should Do if Your Car is Smoking in Downriver Michigan

Smoking isn’t just bad for your health, it’s bad for your car’s too. If your vehicle leaves you in the smoking section, there’s a good chance something has malfunctioned. Catching it sooner than later can help you dodge costly repairs. Read on to understand the reasons behind a smoky car […]

Auto Tune Up

How Technology Plays a Part in Getting Tune Up in Downriver Michigan

Nearly everyone’s heard of a tune-up, but fewer understand what it means and why they’re done. In today’s world, the ever-important tune-up has become a catch-all phrase for staying up to date on basic maintenance. Some might even argue that a tune-up isn’t necessary. If you’ve ever wondered where your […]

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What Should You Do if Your Car is Shaking While Driving

If your car shakes while you drive, it’s not because it caught a chill. Car shake – a wobbling sensation that can happen for several reasons, is a common problem. At best it’s a minor nuisance that makes for a noisy ride. However, car shake is your car’s way of […]

An Introduction to Automotive Fluids and the Systems That Use Them

Does your car mark its territory? Seeing any liquid coming from your car can be alarming. Most cars today require several fluids to keep them running properly. These range from essential, to expendable. It’s obviously no surprise that wiper fluid is meant to be expelled. Read on to better understand […]

Here’s Why Getting Your Oil Changed Regularly in Southgate Michigan is Important

Often neglected and rarely understood, the oil change is possibly the most critical part of routine auto maintenance. Perhaps you do stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule – and that’s great news – but understanding all that’s involved in something as seemingly mundane as oil (which is surprisingly […]