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Auto Maintenance

Keeping Your Car in Great Shape : The Modern Car Tune-Up in Downriver Michigan

Ever been driving with the radio turned up and hear a noise but can’t tell if it came from your car or the song? As you turn down the volume, reality sets in and you realize that bumping sound isn’t the beat of a drum but is instead coming from […]

Auto Repair Downriver

The Evolution of Auto Maintenance in Michigan

Whether you’re a racecar driver, lifelong motorist, or newly-minted license holder ready to hit the road, car maintenance should be on the forefront of every commuter’s consideration.  Jobs that could once be done on a Sunday afternoon over a couple of hours may now require careful planning and specialized tools. […]

Here’s Why You Should Not Avoid Dashboard Lights on Your Car

Today’s vehicles have a sophisticated computer system that constantly monitors the vehicle. The system is constantly making adjustments to fuel and the car to ensure you get the best performance at the best possible ride as well. Sometimes however, the computer system in a car can detect there is a […]

Michigan Car Care Tips

7 Winter Car Care Tips for Michigan Residents

Nobody wants to consider that their car will break down or there will be a problem with it. But with colder weather now in full force here in Michigan it’s important to take some winter maintenance steps to ensure your car works great, even in this colder weather. Failing to […]

Car Service Downriver MI

7 Car Maintenance Tips For Better Durability And Reliability

Most of us depend on our cars each and every day. From the drive to work each day to that long weekend when we take a road trip. In either case, you’ll want your car to start when needed and perform as it should without any problems. But in order […]

Getting Auto Repairs and Alignment

Does Your Car Need an Alignment?

Does your car need alignment? Needing alignment for your car and not getting it can cause damage to the tires and suspension systems of your car. If you ignore the signs and don’t get an alignment it could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It can also cause […]

Dashboard Warning Lights

Here’s What to Do When the Battery Light on Your Car Comes on in Michigan

One of the more common problems that can occur on vehicles is the battery light coming on. This warning light means that something is going on with the car’s electrical system. While you may be able to drive your car when this happens you’ll need to get it checked out […]

Brake Pad / Caliper / Rotor Replacements Downriver MI

Brake Pad / Caliper / Rotor Replacements Downriver MI

Having brakes that work well and can stop on a dime is critical no matter what kind of car or truck you drive. If you notice a grinding or squealing noise, your brakes may already be failing, meaning you need to get to a licensed auto repair facility right away. […]

Oil Change in Lincoln Park MI

Oil Change in Lincoln Park MI: Learn What You Need to Know

Best Auto Repair If you’re in need of an oil change for your truck or car, you need to find an auto repair shop that has been in business for at least 15 years. If you’re searching online, look for “best auto repair” and then make sure they have ASE […]

Changing oil in Lincoln Park Michigan

Get the Best Oil Change in Lincoln Park Michigan for Your Vehicle

Driving in the cold Michigan weather during the winter and then the sizzling heat of summer can really put your car or truck’s engine under stress. Keeping the vehicle properly maintained can help extend the life of your engine and make these seasonal stresses on the engine much less damaging. […]

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