7 Car Maintenance Tips For Better Durability And Reliability

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Most of us depend on our cars each and every day. From the drive to work each day to that long weekend when we take a road trip. In either case, you’ll want your car to start when needed and perform as it should without any problems. But in order to do that we’ll need to keep the car maintained and serviced as it should be. In this article I’ll go over 7 different tips that you can use to keep your car performing as it should so that it lasts a long time. 

7 Car Maintenance Tips For Better Durability And Reliability

There are many different tips that are available to keep your car driving well and lasting a long time. Unfortunately, some of these tips and techniques may not be good for your car. This is especially true for tips that call for adding treatments or fluids to your car or truck. Many times marketers will mask a sales pitch and say you need it for your car when you actually don’t. Be sure to follow the following tips to ensure your car is durable and reliable for your next commute.

7 Car Maintenance Tips For Better Durability And Reliability

1 – Always Refer to the Service Manual

The service manual for your car has loads of information that is specifically designed and created for your car. The service manual can help you understand the time frames that certain services should be done as well as much more information. Always refer to the service manual rather than other sources (unless they are certified mechanics). Looking at the service manual can also help you determine the correct fluids and gasoline for your car.

2 – Look for Visual Signs of Problems on Your Car Regularly

Most of us may only see one side of our cars. From pulling through the car wash to parking in the garage it seems that I never really see the passenger side of the car. It’s a good idea to do a walk around of your car at least every week. Look for visible signs of problems. This can be broken parts or just something that may look our of place. It’s also a good idea to turn on headlights and emergency flashers to inspect the lights as well.

3 – Getting Your Car ‘In-Season’

Here in Michigan the winter can be absolutely brutal for a car. This is especially true for a car battery. It’s a good idea to have your car serviced before the winter and summer seasons in order to ensure these systems are performing as they should.

4 – Remove Items Not in Use From Car

Carrying extra weight in your car is actually costing you money. You may not realize it but when you’re carrying lots of weight in your car the fuel mileage goes down. If you keep the trunk of your car loaded with items that you just haven’t time to remove them be sure to do so. Also items can become projectiles if you’re in an accident which can be really dangerous.

5 – Get the Car Serviced Regularly

Keeping your car serviced is a must to ensure it lasts a long time. You’ll want to always use certified ASE mechanics for your car’s service however. Most cars today will have a dashboard indicator of needing service. Make sure you get service within the next 500 miles for your car if this indicator comes on. You may also want to check the service manual for more information on service routines and schedules.

6 – Listen For Signs of Problems

Lots of systems on your car will have audible signs of problems. One of the most common problems that you’ll likely be able to hear is braking problems. If your brakes are squeaking loudly it’s likely time for them to be replaced.

7 – Don’t Ignore Dashboard Warning Lights

With sophisticated computers and sensors reading many aspects of the vehicle your car is always checking and rechecking itself for problems. When it determines there is a problem it usually lets you know by illuminating a dashboard light. If warning lights are on your dashboard then there is a problem and you’ll need to get the car serviced.

I hope these tips for keeping your car lasting a long time helps you. If you’re in the Downriver Michigan area and what your car serviced by the top certified mechanics be sure to contact Good Care Auto today at (734) 285-1188


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