Tips to Save Money on Your Vehicle Repairs in Michigan

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When your car needs repairs it can be quite costly depending on the problem that occurred. If it stopped somewhere on the road chances are you’ll also be faced with a towing bill along with vehicle repairs. To avoid some of these costly repairs and additional charges there are some things you can do to help cut the cost of auto repairs. In this article I’ll go over some tips that you can use to help save some money on car repair in Michigan.¬†

Tips to Save Money on Your Vehicle Repairs in Michigan

Vehicles today are designed to last much longer than those made just a few decades ago. With sophisticated on board diagnostics and minuscule tolerances it can make vehicle repair seem more like a computer repair rather than car repair. But in order to avoid problems with your car and avoiding the bills that can come when your car breaks down it’s important to follow these tips.

Tips to Save Money on Your Vehicle Repairs in Michigan

Get Regular Service on Your Vehicle

Many cars on the road today have a system that informs the driver when service is needed for the car. The length of miles that this warning comes on can vary from car to car and from driver to driver. The vehicle usually calculates needed service by the driving habits of the driver as well as other factors. Some cars will not have this warning system however. You’ll need to check with the owners manual for the car to determine when service is needed.

If the car is properly serviced and all the fluids and systems are checked it can cut down on costs of repairs. Sometimes a problem can arise simply because there isn’t enough fluid in the car. A car that is low on engine oil and continually driven can have catastrophic engine failure because of this. Make sure you always get proper service for your car at the recommended mileage.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Folks looking for a deal on vehicle service can sometimes get taken. Inexpensive auto service can mean some things are simply not checked or inspected. They may change the oil in your car but if none of the other fluids and systems are checked it can cause problems later. This is also true for cheaper parts that go on your car. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended part to be replaced on the car. Low quality auto parts that are rebuilt or re-manufactured may not hold up to the standards needed to perform properly in your vehicle.

Check Your Car Regularly

Take a few minutes each month to walk around your car and look for problems. Checking things like the level of wear on your tires and the inflation level. If your car is not aligned properly you’ll see uneven wear on the tires which is a sign that you’ll need alignment. If this problem is remedied it can mean that your tires will need to be replaced soon. Look for bent, broken, or otherwise damaged spots on the car. If there is a problem then be sure to get it checked. You’ll also need to listen for signs of problems as well which means letting the windows down and turning the radio off for a bit to see if you hear any weird sounds.

Use the Right Fuel for Your Car

Although oil companies may want you to believe that using a higher octane fuel is better for your car it may not be true. Regular fuel will many times be all that is needed for most cars. However,  some car require higher octane fuel in order to operate more efficiently. If your car requires this higher octane fuel be sure to use that recommended fuel. If you are unsure if your car needs this be sure to check the owners manual on your car to determine the correct fuel to use.

Need Service on Your Car in Michigan?

Another way to save on car repairs is to always use fully qualified mechanics and repair shops to work on your car. Making sure the vehicle is fixed correctly the first time is a must. If you live in the southeastern Michigan area be sure to check with Good Care Auto for all your auto service needs.


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