Common Wheel Hub Bearings Problems in Downriver Michigan

Common Wheel Hub Bearings Problems in Downriver Michigan

Your car was designed to roll down the street with as little drag as possible. One thing that helps it do that is the wheel hub bearings on your car or truck. They work to give you a smooth ride with as little friction as possible. However, sometimes wheel hub bearings can fail. This article looks at some of the common problems of these bearing and how you can get them repaired in Downriver Michigan.

Common Wheel Hub Bearings Problems in Downriver Michigan

Each wheel on your car has a least one wheel hub bearing. Some cars and trucks may even have a set of bearings on each wheel. This is typically found on older model cars and trucks. These bearings may give off warning signs before they fail completely and it’s important to know these warning signs before your car stops completely.

Warning Signs that a Wheel Hub Bearing is Soon to Fail

The bearings in your wheels are very precise. Tolerances of only thousandths of an inch are commonplace. So when a bearing wears it only takes a minuscule amount to cause problems. When these problems occur it usually lets the driver know by some of these warning signs:

Noisy Operation – There will be a squeaking sound comes from the wheels during the time the car is driving down the road. It may also sound like a grinding sound or sometimes even a grind and squeak. This happens because the bearing has likely lost all lubrication and will soon fail completely.

Car is Pulling to Left or Right – When a wheel hub bearing starts to fail the wheel doesn’t turn as easy as it should. This causes more drag on one side of the car where the bearing is failing. It almost feels like your pressing the brake on one wheel only, which essentially, is what’s happening. You may also experience a rough ride with failing bearings as well.

Less Fuel Economy – When the bearings on your car or truck start to fail, the car is more difficult to be powered down the road. You’ll burn more fuel because the engine needs to work harder to push the car.

Common Wheel Hub Bearings Problems in Downriver Michigan

What Happens When the Wheel Hub Bearings Fail Completely?

When your bearings fail completely the tire and wheel where the failure occurred will likely freeze. The bearing will likely seize under heat and could even damage other parts of your car. That’s why it’s so important to get these bearings checked each time your car is serviced. A simple check for play in the wheels once the car is lifted can determine if the wheel hub bearings are bad.

Where Can I Get These Repaired?

There are many repair shops in Downriver Michigan that specialize in auto suspension repair. We typically feature local repair shops in the Downriver Michigan area that can fix your vehicle and have you driving down the road safe. It’s also important to get your wheel hub bearings checked regularly so be sure to let the mechanic know on your next service to check them out.


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