Tie Rod Ends Repair in Downriver Michigan

Tie Rod Ends Repair in Downriver Michigan

Some parts of your car are important for it’s operation. The engine and transmission are needed to power the car forward and carry it’s passengers along the road. And when they fail it’s no doubt bad, but not as dangerous as when a steering component fails. One very important steering component that can fail on your vehicle is the tie rod ends. In this article I’ll talk about these important steering components and more importantly what to do if you need tie rod ends repair in Downriver Michigan.

Tie Rod Ends Repair in Downriver Michigan

Recently I spoke with a customer about another repair shop (which I won’t name). She stated that the repair shop inspected her vehicle, particularly the tie rod ends, and informed her they were worn but it would last for a while longer. The customer didn’t really know the importance of the tie rod ends and what would happen when they do fail. Here’s more information on what they do and what happens when they fail.

What Does Tie Rod Ends Do Exactly?

Tie Rod Ends Repair in Downriver Michigan

The tie rod ends on your car are a small joint like the one pictured above. They are connected to the steering rack of your car and to the spindle of the vehicle. It’s the sole part the connects these two and there is no redundant system in most cars and trucks. It’s job is to push or pull the spindle of the vehicle which turns the front wheels on the car. It’s the sole connecting link to steer the car. There is a tie rod end on each front wheel of the car.

What Happens When a Tie Rod End Fails?

Your vehicle is equipped with 2 or more tie rod ends. There is one on each front wheel. When a tie rod end fails, it will break into two pieces. When it fails it will essentially un-link the steering rack with the spindle of the car. On the side where the tire rod end breaks you will lose all steering capability. The tire could steer the car into oncoming traffic, off the side of the road, and more. This is why it’s so dangerous to have a tie rod end fail. The change is usually abrupt as well so your reaction time is minimal in this situation. This is why getting tie rod ends repair in Downriver Michigan is so extremely important.

Usually, both tie rod ends don’t fail at the same time. So you will have control over one wheel to help stop and steer the car a bit. Also, when you’re driving down the road in a straight line, there is not much stress on the tie rod end so it’s not as likely to fail as when you are turning sharply or hitting bumps in the road.

How Do I Know If My Tie Rod Ends are Failing?

If you have play in your steering wheel or you notice clicks or pops when turning your wheel, you may have a failing tie rod end. During regular service of your vehicle you can also request the mechanic check the steering linkages and tie rod ends for safety. Most tie rods ends can be lubed as well. If you think your tie rod ends are failing, be sure to get them checked out as soon as possible. If you have the tie rod ends replaced you’ll also need to get the vehicle aligned as well.

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