Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System in Downriver Michigan

Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System in Downriver Michigan

When your car is pulling to one side or the other then chances are you’re going to need your wheels aligned. In order to properly align a vehicle it’s important that repair shops use the newest and best laser guided system on your car to ensure it’s aligned properly. Today, that system is called the¬†Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System in Downriver Michigan and it can make your car perfectly aligned removing any guesswork.

Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System in Downriver Michigan

For some repair shops the old way of aligning cars are commonplace. I’ve even visited some shops that use the sting method. Where the technician measures the distance between the front of each tire and the rear of each tire. As you probably guessed this is not very accurate and could leave your tires and your vehicle in an unsafe condition.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure the shop you are getting your car aligned at uses the Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System for aligning a vehicle. The system is designed to allow for 2 & 4-wheel alignment.

Setting the Camber and Caster of the Tire

Technology has come a long way in terms of tire and wheel alignment and the Hunter Hawkeye system leads that advancement. For caster and camber settings the system reads the ride level of the vehicle for best tire placement. This gives you the maximum amount of tire contact with the road resulting in better traction, steering, tire wear, and most importantly braking.

By setting the tire’s caster and camber in alignment with each of the other tires at the normal ride height you can also enjoy the benefit of the car not pulling to one side or the other while riding down the road. Pulling like this is a tell tale sign of a car that is out of alignment.

So Why is Getting Alignment with the Hawkeye Alignment System So Important?

As you may know the alignment of your car plays a huge role in tire wear. If your vehicle is not in alignment for all four tires the your tires will wear prematurely. This can cause the tire to lose grip with the road and may eventually blow out causing all sorts of problems. Not having a properly aligned car is very dangerous and if you leave it out of alignment your tires will suffer. Tires will likely need to be replaced if you have had the car out of alignment for some time. This uneven wear that happens on the tires can lead to other problems as well.

Now that you know how important it is to have your car properly aligned then be sure to get your car checked for aligned if it’s pulling to one side or the other. But more importantly, you’ll need to make sure the repair shop uses the¬†Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System in Downriver Michigan to align your car. It’s a state of the art machine and can certainly keep your car and family safe from the dangers of an unaligned car.


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