Monroe Shocks & Struts Replacement in Downriver Michigan

Monroe Shocks Struts Replacement in Downriver Michigan

Knowing when your car needs new Monroe shocks or struts can sometimes be difficult to determine. Because most factory installed ¬†shocks and struts wear over time and lose their compression knowing when they need to be changed is difficult unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. In this article I’ll go over some of the symptoms your car will show when it needs new shocks or struts.

Monroe Shocks & Struts Replacement in Downriver Michigan

Monroe shocks and struts are one of the most popular shocks and struts on the market. They are also the best in most mechanics opinions. When you need to get your shocks or struts replaced in Downriver Michigan be sure to ask for Monroe shocks and struts.

Does Your Car Float After Hitting a Pothole?

The problem that most people have when determining when they need new shocks or struts is that the shocks or struts deteriorate over time. There is typically no immediate change in the way a car performs. The change is gradual in most cases and most drivers won’t notice the difference until the struts are completely worn out.

For cars with struts on the front of the car one of the tell-tale signs is that the car will float down the road after hitting a bump or pothole. The front of the car will float up, then down, then up, then down. It could do this a few times before it levels off. If the strut is performing correctly, the car will rise and then settle back in normal position. If it moves up more than once, the strut isn’t performing correctly.

Does Your Car Ride Really Rough?

Another way to tell if you have bad shocks or struts is that the ride will be severely compromised. You’ll feel each and every bump in the road. This can happen when a shock or strut fails. Unlike when a strut loses compression when a shock like this fails it can be immediate. You’ll feel it right away and you’ll certainly need to get it fixed right away.

You may also observe the car sitting lower than normal especially in the rear of the car. If your car looks like it’s carrying a huge amount of weight but isn’t loaded with anything then it might be time to change your shocks.

The Dangers of Driving with Bad Struts or Shocks

While driving around with bad shocks or struts may not seem like a danger but more of an inconvenience with an uncomfortable ride it actually is dangerous. When your shocks or struts are damaged they don’t allow your tires to remain firmly planted against the road. You may also find the steering the car after hitting a pothole is much more difficult. These situations can really cause a dangerous condition in which you don’t have complete control of the car. That’s why it’s so important to install Monroe shocks and struts when you’re having problems. Before you risk your family’s safety, be sure to get your shocks and struts inspected today if you suspect they have problems.



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