Moog Chassis Parts Downriver Michigan

Moog Chassis Parts

The steering system and components in your car are extremely important. When a component starts to wear and eventually fail you could end up losing control of the vehicle and possibly crashing. Getting your car inspected regularly for safety is a must. Each time your oil is changed you can ask the mechanic to take a look at the chassis parts of the car and if they need replacing insist on Moog chassis parts for your car.

Moog Chassis Parts for Your Car

If your car isn’t driving the way it should it may be time to get it inspected even if it isn’t time for service. Sometimes chassis parts can fail or break when you hit potholes or just by normal wear and tear. If you car’s chassis is damaged in some way be sure to request they are replaced with Moog chassis parts. Moog has been making chassis parts for a very long time and offers a variety of parts to fit almost any vehicle on the road today. Listed below are some of the chassis parts that they offer.

Ball Joints for Your Car

When the ball joints on your car start to get worn you may notice the tire leaning in or out. A ball joint will usually break when you hit a pothole or speedbump if it’s worn very badly. They typically get bad over time and regular inspections should help you find and install new Moog chassis parts before the ball joints fail completely. Once a ball joint fails, you will not be able to drive the vehicle.

Moog Steering Linkage Parts

What could be worse than driving down the road only to find out that the tires don’t turn when you turn the steering wheel. This is certainly a very serious and dangerous situation and you certainly wouldn’t want your car to perform like this. Steering linkages do fail and getting them inspected is a must for safety of your car.


Bushing Can Help Quiet Down Your Ride

Most chassis parts have small rubber, Teflon, or plastic bushings in them. Sometimes these bushings can get worn and start to crack. Have you ever heard a car start squeaking really bad when it turns in somewhere or hits a bump in the road? Chances are they have bad bushings in the chassis components of their car. If a bushing is in such bad shape that it falls out you could also be in for a rough ride. Not replacing bushings when they fail can cause more damage later.


Just like steering linkages you’ll certainly want to inspect the linkage in your vehicle. Many times in older cars this is one of the most overlooked parts of the car. Be sure to request the mechanic inspect all linkages and steering components including tie rod ends. These are extremely important and if any of these components fail you could lose control of the vehicle completely.

So the next time you take your car in for service make sure you request that the chassis components are inspected. And if there are problems be sure to request that they are replaced by Moog chassis parts.

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