Drive Axles, CV Boots, & U-Joints repair in Downriver Michigan

Drive Axles, CV Boots, & U-Joints Repair in Downriver Michigan

If you start to experience problems with the drive train of your car chances are you’re going to know it. But many times components start to go bad in your vehicle and you’re able to hear and feel them before they fail completely. It’s time to listen to what your car is trying to tell you and get the drive axles, CV boots, & U-Joints repair in Downriver Michigan done before they become big problems for your car and stop it from running.

Drive Axles, CV Boots, & U-Joints Repair in Downriver Michigan

Each of these components have a link in the drive train of your car. If any of them fail you car will fail to go in most cases. Other the the CV Boots which are part of the axle. But when it fails it can cause other parts including the drive axle to fail. I’ll go over some of the symptoms of each of these components and what you’ll need to do to get drive axles, CV boots, & U-Joints repair in Downriver Michigan.

Drive Axles and CV Boots

Most cars today are front wheel drive cars and contain CV axles. These axles take power from the transmission and transfer it to the wheels. They are made with a specific joint on the end called a constant velocity joint. It allows the tire to turn but continue to drive the car. There is a rubber or plastic boot that protects the CV joint which is part of the axle. This CV Boot also contains grease to keep all the parts lubricated and free from dirt and debris.

The problem most people have with their axles almost always start with the CV Boot failing. When the boot cracks and gets holes in it dirt can enter the CV joint. It also lets all the grease fall out of the axle. As the axle wears it will start to groove the race and joint. As this wear creates these grooves it will make the car click when it’s turned under power. A clicking sound while accelerating and turning is a sure sign that you need CV joint repair soon. If your CV axle is not repaired and you continue to drive the car, the axle will eventually fail.

The CV axle will break and then can cause all sorts of problems. It could move in a way that locks the front tire from turning which can be very dangerous. If can also propel metal parts all around the engine compartment which can break and damage other parts.

What Happens When You Need a U-Joint

Although front wheel drive vehicles are the most popular these days there are still rear wheel drive vehicles that use U-Joints or Universal Joints. U-Joints are located in the drive shaft of the vehicle and allow for the rear suspension to move while still providing power to the rear wheels. They typically contain a small amount of grease and needle bearing made from steel. When dirt and debris enter the U-Joint then it will begin to fail. Once this happens you’ll notice a vibration when your vehicle is under power and accelerating. If your car or truck is vibrating while driving down the road you’ll need to get your U-Joints checked and most likely replaced.

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