Signs You Need Suspension Repair in Downriver MI

Signs You Need Suspension Repair in Downriver MI

When you car starts to ride more like a horse and wagon rather than the fine piece of engineering that it was designed to be then it may be time to get some suspension repairs. In this article I’ll outline some of the most common suspension problems. If your car has ¬†any of these symptoms then it’s time to get suspension repair in Downriver Mi as soon as possible or you may risk injury.

Here Are Some Signs You Need Suspension Repair in Downriver MI

Since most suspension parts wear gradually you may need suspension repair and not realize it because your car has been gradually getting worse over time. Typically suspension parts don’t just break and fail but they fail over time making them less likely to be noticed until you need a trip to the chiropractor.

Your Car Floats After Hitting a Bump

After you hit a bump your car tends to float or bounce up and down slowly. If your suspension in the front is performing properly the car should level out without the need to bounce or float. This floating is usually a sign of bad struts. They are pressurized and sometimes they lose pressurization over time.

Your Car Doesn’t Site Level

Another sign of worn suspension parts is the car doesn’t sit level either at speed or parked. When the car is under a load with people in the car the effect will be worse. Be sure to inspect the wheels as well when doing this inspection. If the suspension starts to fail the tire camber and caster will be off. This makes premature tire wear happen and the tires tend to lean in at the top.

The Car Pulls to One Side While Driving

Keeping your vehicle aligned properly is a must. By not having proper alignment you risk wearing your tires prematurely. You also risk an accident since the car doesn’t track straight. However, sometimes the suspension of a car causes the misalignment. Be sure to ask the mechanic to inspect all the suspension under the car when you’re getting it aligned.

The Wheels Hop When Starting

This problem happens in sports cars more often. But when you’re driving around a curve at speed the wheels will tend to hop and lose traction. It’s a very dangerous situation because the tire actually loses grip with the road will under power. This is usually caused by stiff shocks or chassis problems.

A Very Bumpy Ride

Sometimes you can tell you need suspension repair in Downriver MI just by the ride your car is giving you. Although there are some rough roads here in Michigan your car should handle most of them without very bad bumps. If your car needs suspension repair you’ll likely be able to tell by how bumpy some roads are. Although the car may not be able to fully absorb the impact of some bad bumps it should take away the impact of smaller bumps. Keeping your car’s suspension performing properly is something that you’ll certainly want to do if you’re having any sort of troubles with back or neck pain.

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  1. My buddy and I were driving yesterday and experienced that floating feeling after hitting a pretty big bump. Neither of us know that much about cars, so we weren’t sure what the problem could be at first. After reading this though, I see that it very could be my car suspension and that I need to get it fixed right away.

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