Auto Painting in Downriver MI

Auto Painting in Downriver MI

When it comes to your car, image is everything. When you’re driving around the streets of Downriver Michigan you want people to look so that they can admire your car. Not because you need a paint job. There are many places that will paint your car in Downriver Michigan but beware, they aren’t all the same. That’s why when you’re looking for auto painting in Downriver MI be sure to check here at Michigan Auto Pros first!

Auto Painting in Downriver MI

As I stated in the opening paragraph getting your car painted is something that many shops around the Downriver area can do. They aren’t all made the same however. There are many different tools and equipment that’s needed in order to paint a car right. And just like with any other service, it’s important to get the best customer service available.

The Paint Used in Auto Painting

Just like painting a home there are different types and brands of paint that is used. Some of the paint is more expensive than others. And some of the paint is also more shiny or has a much better gloss. These differences will not really stick out to a common customer and the service shop may even use a shade of paint that’s a little different than the original.

It’s important to get the correct brand and style paint as the original paint on the car. If you decide to go with a completely new color then keep in mind, that door jambs and other areas of the car that are not accessible aren’t usually painted. When they are included in the paint job the price is typically higher.

The two main types of paint are acrylic enamel and base coat, clear coat. These two styles have distinct differences in both appearance and price. Acrylic enamel paint only requires a single coat after priming. Whereas the base coat clear coat requires at least one coat of base and one coat of clear. Adding more clear coats will make the finish more glossy. A common method used when attempting to achieve a high gloss shine.

It’s Not Just the Paint

It’s not just the paint that makes a difference in an auto painting in Downriver MI job. Baking the paint is a common way for body shops to properly cure the paint on the car. If a body shop doesn’t have a curing booth then you’ll likely need to to leave the car for at least one day, possibly two for the paint to fully cure. The baking booth speeds up this process.

In Downriver Michigan this can really take a long time in Winter. The paint may not even fully cure in the two day span. Driving the vehicle without the paint fully cured will damage the finish of the paint.

It’s All About The Service

On thing that is very important is also the service you receive from an auto painting in Downriver MI job. People who are professionals will treat you as such and value your business. Make sure you ask about others who have received auto body work from the shop you wish to use. If they are proud of their work they will love to show you pictures.

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