Diagnosing a Check Engine Light in Downriver Michigan

check engine light in downriver michigan

Enjoying a good day driving about in your car can quickly turn bad when your check engine light comes on. But it doesn’t need to be all bad. In fact, there are a few things that you can check before calling a mechanic or visiting a repair shop. In this article I’ll explain some of those diagnosis tips that you can do if you have a check engine light on. Plus, what you can do if you experience a check engine light in Downriver Michigan that you can’t successfully diagnose yourself.

Diagnosing a Check Engine Light in Downriver Michigan

Although there are numerous causes for the check engine light in a vehicle to illuminate there are only a few that the average consumer can diagnose by themselves. In order to diagnose these problems you may need to do some simple repairs. Or you can take your car to a mechanic and let them work on it.

First Thing to Check Is Your Gas Cap

If your gas cap is loose it will allow air to escape from the tank. In today’s cars, there are sensors that read the oxygen levels in the fuel and exhaust gases. A leaking gas cap can cause this sensor to pick up more or less oxygen that it’s supposed to have. The car senses a problem and flashes on the check engine light. The remedy is to tighten the gas cap or replace it if the seal on the gas cap is worn. This is usually the cause if you’ve just filled up and moments later the check engine light in Downriver Michigan comes on. Typically, the vehicle will run fine and not give any other indications other than the check engine light being on.

You Got Some Bad Gas

If you’ve just filled up the tank and made sure your gas cap is tight and the check engine light comes on it may be because of water in your gas. This will also cause the car to skip and may be even stop running completely. You can call the service station where you purchased the gas and ask them if anyone else has complained of bad gas. Of course, they aren’t likely to admit it if they are. The remedy is to remove the water from the gas which means you’ll likely need a mechanic. You’ll also need to change any filters as well.

Your Spark Plugs are Worn

Spark plugs in a vehicle can last a long time. However, some vehicle owners tend to stretch it more than they should. Sometimes when spark plugs start to misfire it will cause the check engine light in Downriver Michigan to come on. You’ll need to replace the spark plugs or take the car to a mechanic to get it serviced.

Get if Checked for Free

If your check engine light comes on then you can take it to many auto parts stores to get it checked. Although they won’t be able to diagnose the problem and give estimates, etc… They will be able to tell you what the fault code is that’s making the light come on. Many of the Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone stores offer this service.

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