Are Your Automotive Maintenance Schedules Correct?

Are Your Automotive Maintenance Schedules Correct

You depend on your car to carry you and your family to places. Most of us don’t really think about the life of the oil in the engine, or how long the coolant has been in the radiator. But these are things that directly impact the life of your car. And, more specifically, the two main components of your car, the engine and transmission have the most to gain or lose.

Most people think that just a routine automotive maintenance schedule will handle all their needs. Unfortunately, most people don’t keep up with manufacturer’s ratings or recommendations. They simply think that an oil change at 3,000 miles is what needs to happen. An oil change at 3,000 miles is hardly standard anymore however. Different car manufacturers have changed recommendations about how much the auto should be serviced.

For Automotive Maintenance Should You Change Your Oil at 3,000 Miles?


If you talk with most people they will tell you that changing your oil every 3,000 miles is a must and is the standard limit for oil changes. However, as I said before there are many changes that has happened lately that can have you car going even further than before.

Most cars produced in the last ten years have oil wear indications on the dashboard. They may also have a light that appears when the oil needs changing. The way these indicators work is by calculating specifics about the engine. Driving your car harder than average will cause the oil to wear faster. Alternatively, driving long distances on a highway may make your oil last longer according to the indicator. These calculations are done by the computer on the car and also factor in starts and stops and other crucial information about the car’s engine.

Keep in mind however that car manufacturers build cars for the masses and usually don’t make a car specific to a state or region (unless you’re in California). So a car that is being driven in Colorado is in a totally different atmosphere than one driven in Florida. That’s why the oil indicator on the dash should be used as a suggestion and not the rule.

Typically, in colder environments like here in Michigan, you’ll need to change your oil more often since it may breakdown faster in colder conditions. Don’t wait too long to get your oil changed either. The damage you can do to your engine may be irreparable just because you wanted to get a few extra miles out.

Changing your oil regularly when needed is something we all need to do. But changing it too early means using more oil and spending more money. All of us wants to keep our car running smoothly but premature oil changes is something that you really don’t need. Keep changing it at the recommended interval and also talk with your mechanic to see what he says about  it.

Another great thing about getting your oil changed is that the mechanic can look into other areas of your car while it’s there. Spotting potential problems and things that may need attention now can save you loads of money later. After all, this vehicle will be carrying you and your family around so make sure it’s working properly.

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