Car Mounts in Downriver Michigan – Do They Need Replacing?

Car Mounts in Downriver Michigan - Do They Need Replacing

Your car has a mounting system that holds parts and pieces in place. When these mounts start to wear you’ll feel it both in driving and riding. And without replacing these mounts when needed you could be putting yourself at risk by driving it. Check out these tips for car mounts and checking to see if your car needs a mount replaced.

Car Mounts in Downriver Michigan – Do They Need Replacing?

For drivers here in Michigan, you probably know that road conditions can sometimes put undue stress on the car’s suspension. You may even need suspension repair in Downriver Michigan if you let a mount fail. But finding a failing mount is not as difficult as you may think. There are usually warning signs of a failing mount which can give you some time to get it inspected and replaced before it causes major damage.

Engine and Transmission Mounts on Your Vehicle in Downriver Michigan

Your engine and transmission are connected to the vehicles frame by using mounts. These mounts are high strength since they support the weight of the transmission and engine. There are usually a few on the car that holds this engine and transmission combination. Usually at least 4 are used to hold the engine and transmission.

Engine and transmission mounts hold the engine and transmission in a specific spot. When a mount starts to fail it may allow the engine and transmission to not properly line up with drive axles and suspension parts. Since most of these mounts contain rubber the material can deteriorate and allow the mount to start this misalignment before they actually fail completely. Regular inspections of engine and transmission mounts can determine if a mount is starting to flatten or lose it’s elasticity.

If a engine mounting blocks fail completely it can allow all sorts of problems. Broken axles, damaged engine components are just a few examples of what can happen when engine mounting blocks fail. This was especially true for older model Dodge and Chrysler cars and trucks.

Front End Mounts in Downriver Michigan

Like engine and transmission mounting blocks, the front end mounts on a vehicle are made of rubber and metal. They allow for vibrations and bumps to be absorbed without giving excessive feedback through the steering wheel of the car. This helps the driver better control the car when you hit bumps in the road. They can also be located on the rear of the car as well.

When wear starts to happen on these you may not notice it right away. However, with the amount of rubber used in most of these products they can give off a noise when the rubber is starting to solidify and lose elasticity. A squeaking will occur when you turn the vehicle or hit a bump. This is caused by the rubber rubbing against the metal parts. Be sure to have all these inspected when you get your vehicle serviced.

Be sure to get your car’s mounts inspected with each service you receive. If you don’t get the mounts replaced when needed you may not just need mount repair but also you’ll need to find collision shops in Downriver Michigan as well.

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