Struts and Shocks in Downriver Michigan

Struts and Shocks in Downriver Michigan

When your struts and shocks go bad on your vehicle it’s not a smooth ride. In fact, most cars and trucks that are over five or six years old can have worn out shocks or struts. Knowing when your car needs new shocks and struts is a must if you want to keep your car running right and most importantly, giving you that smooth ride like when it was new. If you want to know more about Struts and Shocks in Downriver Michigan on your car then check out this article. 

Struts and Shocks in Downriver Michigan

For drivers in Downriver Michigan, getting new shocks and struts is much easier than you think. You’ll want to know for sure that is what you need however. There are a few ways you can tell if you need new struts and shocks in Downriver Michigan installed. In this article I’ll give you some tips on checking your suspension and be better able to tell if you need new ones installed.

What Happens If I Don’t Install New Struts and Shocks?

Struts and shocks provide your car with a way to help smooth out the road. They work by absorbing the bumps and vibrations of the tires. When they start to wear, you’ll be able to feel it inside the car. The ride will be bumpy and not very comfortable. But it doesn’t only just give you the the driver and passengers of the car a rough ride but also the very car itself. By not having properly working shocks and struts on your car the wear and tear on the car can be much worse. That’s why it’s so important to get struts and shocks in Downriver Michigan when you need them. By not getting your struts and shocks replaced you can cause even more damage to other parts on your car or truck.

The Floating Effect of Struts and Shocks

Most times, struts and shocks don’t break. When they do the effect can be felt immediately. Your car will go from riding smooth and comfortable to almost feeling like it has a flat tire when one of them breaks. However, most times, struts and shocks don’t break but they wear out over time. If you live on an especially bumpy road or street they may wear even faster. When they wear out like this over time it’s difficult to know when they need replacing. But here is one test you can perform that can help you determine if you need struts and shocks in Downriver Michigan.

As you’re driving the car down the road and you hit a bump, observe how the car reacts. The car should only move a minimal amount to reset itself to normal riding height. If it doesn’t chances are it will float down the road. It goes through a series of up and down movements each one less than the previous one. Until it gets back to normal riding height. This is usually a sign of bad struts in your vehicle and you’ll need to get them replaced. One of the better brands of chassis parts is the Monroe struts and shocks.

When in doubt it’s always best to get the car checked by a certified mechanic in Downriver Michigan.


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