Need Vehicle Frame Replacement in Downriver Michigan? Watch Out!

Frame Replacement in Downriver Michigan

The frame of your car is like the backbone of the vehicle. When something happens to the frame also every other part on the car suffers. It will not drive correctly and it puts all sorts of stress on other parts of the vehicle. Getting your frame repaired may not be such a good idea. I’ll explain more in this article why it’s much better to get frame replacement in Downriver Michigan rather than a frame repair.¬†

Need Vehicle Frame Replacement in Downriver Michigan? Be Careful

There are many reasons why your frame is considered to be damaged. It could be warped and not properly lined up. It can also be shifted and not properly lined up the the shell of the car or truck. Many times however the cause of damage to a frame that needs to be replaced is because it has cracks in it. These cracks can show up for a variety of reasons but most are due to accidents.

Your Car May Not Have a Frame

Many of today’s smaller cars don’t have a frame. Instead they utilize a uni-body design¬†where the body of the car acts to support the car. Certain areas of the car are beefed up with stronger supports to hold suspension components and mounting for other components. Typically on trucks however a frame is almost always used.

Can Your Frame Be Straightened?

In some cases the frame can be straightened if it’s not bent too badly. If there are stress cracks in the frame then it will not be able to be straightened. Also, some repair shops in Downriver Michigan will charge for attempting to straighten the frame and if it cracks during the process you’ll still be responsible for the job. This is why most people will try to get the frame replaced rather than repaired.

You may think that driving a car with a warped frame is okay but there are dangers that you may not be aware of. Since the car is not properly aligned, neither will the tires on the vehicle. You won’t be able to properly align the wheels of the car causing premature tire wear and excessive heat in the tires which could result in a blow out. This misalignment also puts a huge stress on steering components as well so you may even lose control of the vehicle.

Need Vehicle Frame Replacement in Downriver Michigan

Should You Get the Frame Welded?

Another popular repair that some repair shops offer is welding the frame where it’s cracked. This type of repair may not hold up over time and with heat applied to the frame which is already hardened steel could cause metal fatigue. Which may cause the frame to crack in other places. Most reputable repair shops in Downriver Michigan won’t offer frame welding because of this.

It’s important to know whether the frame has been repaired when purchasing a used car in Downriver MI as well. Buying a used car that has frame damage can be very problematic and give you all sorts of problems. Make sure your mechanic checks the frame of the car before buying it.

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