Key Signs it’s Time for Auto Service in Downriver Michigan

Key Signs it's Time for Auto Service in Downriver Michigan

Keeping your car running in tip top shape means you’re going to need to get it serviced from time to time. During normal services getting the oil changed and inspecting the vehicle is common to do every 3,000 miles. Sometimes, however, you may need service before the scheduled tuneup. I’ve listed a few key signs it’s time for auto service in Downriver Michigan below. 

Key Signs it’s Time for Auto Service in Downriver Michigan

Most of us who drive a car on a regular basis knows when something is amiss. Maybe it’ doesn’t accelerate as well, or the car’s steering starts to pull to the right or left. Whatever reason, it’s easy for someone who drives a car on a daily basis to determine. If you feel anything amiss on your vehicle it’s likely going to need service of some kind. The following key signs it’s time for auto service can apply to any vehicle however even if you don’t drive it on a daily basis. Although this article was written for drivers in the Downriver Michigan area it can apply anywhere.

Does the Car Squeak When You Apply the Brakes?

Modern brake pads are made to give drivers a warning before they fail. They have special tabs that are designed to press against the brake rotor and squeak when the vehicle’s brakes are worn out and need replacing. Although the brakes will still work for a while after the squeaking begins it’s almost a sure sign that the brakes needs servicing on the vehicle. And since brakes are so important you’ll certainly want to get those checked out right away. Over time the brakes may stop squeaking and fail completely which is really bad. That’s why it’s so important to get your brakes serviced if your car starts squeaking when the brakes are applied.

Does Your Car Have Trouble Starting?

A car that has trouble starting may be facing several issues. Typically a battery or electrical system that is failing will cause this. And usually in colder weather a battery fails more often. For folks in Downriver Michigan where the temperature can drop pretty low keeping your battery fully charged and checked is a must. When a car starts to drag and be slow to start it could be a sign of problems with the battery or starter on the vehicle. Servicing the vehicle will allow the mechanic in Downriver to run tests on both of these items to make sure they are functioning properly. If your car is slow to start or seems to be dragging when you attempt to start it you will likely need service on the car soon. This is especially true if your battery is over three years old.

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Warning Lights or Notices That Appear on Your Dashboard

Sometimes the car actually tells the driver that it needs service. Most modern cars have a wide array of sensors that are designed to diagnose key functions of the car. When there is a problem with one of these systems it alerts the driver by a warning light that appears on the dashboard of the vehicle. There may also be gauges on the dashboard that can help identify problems going on with the car. Look for gauges that are in danger or warning zones. If either a gauge is showing a problem or you have warning lights appearing on your dash then those are signs it’s time for auto service.

Modern vehicles also have a service or oil life routine as well. The car’s computer calculates when the car needs servicing and alerts the driver usually by a message on the dashboard. The calculations are usually made by how many miles were driven, how hard the vehicle was driven, idle time, and more. If your vehicle is alerting this message then it should be serviced soon. Typically, most cars need service within 500 miles of the light coming on.

If your ‘Check Engine Light‘ comes on in the vehicle then you should get the vehicle checked right away. When this light comes on it’s usually because a critical system in the car is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired. A mechanic can run a diagnosis on a vehicle that has a check engine light and determine what system is causing problems. Then you can get the vehicle fixed.

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