Are Lifetime Suspension Parts Available at Your Repair Shop?

Are Lifetime Suspension Parts Available at Your Repair Shop

Suspension problems happen a lot. They are one of those repairs that seem to irritate and aggrevate you more and more with each passing day until you get it fixed. You’ll start to feel each and every bump in the road and the car doesn’t handle the way it should. But just getting suspension repair in Downriver Michigan may not be enough. Making sure your repair shop uses lifetime suspension parts is key to getting the job done right.

Are Lifetime Suspension Parts Available at Your Repair Shop?

There are many suspension parts on your car that effect the way it rides. Many of those suspension parts may start to fail and the driver and passenger of the car may not even realize it at first. For instance, when a strut starts to fail it usually happens gradually. So it may take months before the driver realizes that the strut is giving them problem. I talked about a strut going bad and how to tell in the article titled: Struts and Shocks in Downriver Michigan

Sometime these suspension parts in your car can last for long periods of time but with lifetime suspension parts installed you can rest easy because they are under warranty for as long as you own the car. This is really good for some drivers simply because of the way they drive.

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How Bumpy is Your Commute?

Most of the roads in the Downriver Michigan area are in good shape. Unless, you live on the same commute I have which seem to be the bumpiest and roughest roads in Michigan. Having a commute that you travel on daily like this can be very problematic for the suspension components on your car. It causes them to be under much more stress than average and this can cause them to wear out much faster. Since they wear out much faster they can also fail much faster than normal. That’s why getting lifetime suspension parts installed on your car is so important if you live on one of these rough roads or you travel down those types of roads a lot.

Ask Your Downriver Michigan Repair Shop About Their Parts

To be sure the Downriver Michigan repair you choose to work on your car has lifetime suspension parts then you’ll need to ask them. Inquire about the warranty and if the labor is included. Many shops will offer lifetime warranty on the parts but not on the labor charges.

Make Sure You Get it in Writing

We recommend repair shops in Downriver Michigan here at Michigan Auto Pros. But whoever you choose to get your suspension repaired make sure you get the warranty information in writing. Most repair shops in Downriver Michigan will include any warranty information on the sales receipt or work order. In either case make sure you get and keep a copy secure. I personally like to keep all my automotive receipts and records in a folder at my home. This can also help you if you want to sell the car later, you’ll be able to show potential buyers any service that was done.


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