Why Should You Monitor Tire Tread and Pressure in Downriver Michigan?

The tires on your car are important. In fact, tires and brakes are two vehicle defects that cause a massive number of accidents. Apart from speed, tires and brakes top of the list of vehicle problems which cause accidents. So monitoring your tires is very important to avoid accidents. For Downriver Michigan residents it’s super important because of the driving conditions during winter months. Make sure you get your tires checked each time you get auto service in Downriver Michigan and be sure to check out the other tips below about your tires and thread of your vehicle. 

Why Should You Monitor Tire Tread and Pressure in Downriver Michigan?

Today’s cars have sensors located in each tire and let’s the driver know when tire pressure is low. Unfortunately, this warning light usually gets ignored by most drivers. But when it comes to your tires driving the vehicle with low tire pressures can damage the tire and make your car more unstable as you drive. You may have lesser traction as well with lower tire pressures.

Why Should You Monitor Tire Tread and Pressure in Downriver Michigan?

What Causes Low Tire Pressure

There are many different problems that can happen while you’re driving which can puncture your tires. From nails and screws that may have fallen off the back of a construction vehicle to a piece of metal that fell off another car. Fact is, there are all sorts of threats out there that can cause low tire pressure. In Downriver Michigan transitioning from summer to winter can also cause the pressure in your car’s tires to drop as well.

How to Reset Tire Pressure Light

Most cars manufactured in the past 15 years have a TPMS or tire pressure monitoring system in place to inform the driver that they have a tire that is low in pressure. Once the TPMS indicator lights up on the dashboard of the car it will need to be reset most times even after the pressure is done correctly. Most auto service centers will reset the TPMS tire pressure light when they add pressure the tires during a regular service of the car. If you need to do this yourself be sure to check out the owners manual of your car and you will likely find the instructions to reset the TPMS system. Keep in mind some cars will only tell you a tire pressure is low it may not tell you which tire and you’ll need to check all the tires to make sure you have the right one.

What Does Low Tire Pressure Mean

When the tire pressure is low it means the tire will belly out and the sidewalls of the tires are flexed more. This will cause more of the tire surface to be on the road which is why many people consider driving with lower pressures is better in snowy and icy conditions. However, when tire pressures are low it causes the car to be slower to react as the sidewalls have much more give when maneuvering the car.

How Often Should You Check Your Tire Pressure

Having the pressure of your car’s tires checked each time you get auto service in Downriver Michigan is important. You should also have the car’s tires checked if your TPMS warning light is illuminated on your dashboard.

Is Tire Pressure Higher When Hot

Temperature does play a role in how much pressure is in the tire. Many service centers now use nitrogen which works better than standard air because it is less affected by temperature. With larger temperature swings like we have in Downriver Michigan from summer to winter many cars that have not had the tire pressures checked the warning light may appear. So when the temperature is hot outside then the tire pressures will certainly go up.

Where to Get Tire Pressure Checked

There are several places that sell tire pressure gauges and you can check the tire pressures yourself. However, it’s always best to get your tires checked when you get your car serviced. If you live in or around the Downriver Michigan area one of the best places to get your car serviced is Good Care Auto. They have a team of ASE certified mechanics and can ensure your car is in great shape.

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