Tips for Choosing an Auto Repair Shop in Downriver Michigan

Downriver MI Auto Repair

In today’s world we really need a car to go about our lives. Going to work and shopping or picking the kids up from ice skating is just a few things we depend on our vehicles to do. And although cars made today are much more reliable than those from years past, they are still just machines that can ultimately have problems. When those problems occur getting an auto repair shop in Downriver Michigan to repair your car is a must. But not all repair shops are the same. I’ve included some tips to help you choose the best auto repair shop in Downriver Michigan for your vehicle and I’ll share who I think is the best repair shop in Downriver Michigan. 

Tips for Choosing an Auto Repair Shop in Downriver Michigan

When you take your car to a repair shop there are some things you should look for immediately and ask about. Sometimes, the auto repair shop will display some of the items listed below as signs or even have flyers available. In either case, you’ll need to go through each of the tips below to help you get the best service for your car and keep it running smoothly while saving money on your auto repairs.

Tips for Choosing an Auto Repair Shop in Downriver Michigan

Does the Auto Repair Shop Service Your Make or Model of Vehicle?

There are many different makes and models of cars today. The big three car manufacturers like Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet are just part of a number of different manufacturers today. And each one has different nuances and service procedures that should be adhered to. For instance, if you wanted BMW auto repair in Downriver Michigan your choices are limited while there are many shops that will service Dodge products. Ensure that the auto repair shop in Downriver Michigan that you choose will offer service on your make and model of vehicle.

Is Pricing Displayed or Available Before Work Begins?

Most auto repair shops will display the pricing for labor up front. While this charge can vary depending on many factors making sure it is displayed or at least understood by the customer is crucial. You don’t want to be charged hundreds of dollars per hour for auto service. Look for hourly labor rates for mechanics displayed in the auto repair shop. Note that labor rates are in addition to parts costs and other fees. Knowing the labor rate can help you better understand the charges for the repair. Most repair shops will offer estimates for time when doing a simple repair.

Are the Mechanics Qualified for Repair on Your Vehicle?

One of the biggest things to consider when choosing an auto repair shop in Downriver Michigan is if the mechanics are qualified on your vehicle and system. Most qualified repair shops will display the ASE symbol which is blue in color and has ASE in a circular logo. This is a sign that is issued to the mechanic or auto repair shop from the National Institute for Automotive Service and Excellence, and which there are strict policies as well as regulations that have to be met prior to the ASE badge being approved and issued. Make sure the auto repair shop in Downriver Michigan that you choose has the ASE certification. Most will display this qualification proudly so all customers can see it.

Don’t Wait Until Your Car Stops Running Completely

Most of the cars made today have sophisticated computer systems on board. They help us drive, have the creature comforts that were once not available in vehicles. Plus, they have on board diagnosis and redundant systems to keep your vehicle traveling even when there is a problem. Many dashboard displays now alert the driver of problems found on the car. If your car alerts you to something wrong or you hear or feel something about the car that just doesn’t seem right, be sure to get it checked. Waiting until the car stops completely means you’ll need towing service in Downriver Michigan and you may damage other items simply by driving the car.

The Auto Repair Shop in Downriver Michigan That We Recommend at Michigan Auto Pros

If you need service on your car or need it repaired one of the best auto repair shops in Downriver Michigan is Good Care Auto. They are fully qualified on many of the makes and models today and fully ASE certified. Call Good Care Auto today to learn more about their services at (734) 285-1188

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