Keep Your Car at Peak Performance with These Auto Care Tips

Having a car you can depend on is important. It can take you places and keep you safe while on the road. However, when you don’t take care of your car and don’t heed to some of the warning signs it gives you you could end up broken down on the side of the road, or worse yet, in a crash. Keeping your car at peak performance can help to eliminate much of that risk. In this article we’ll look at some tips to keep your car running well and why you should get professional auto repair in Downriver Michigan when you have one of these warning signs. 

Keep Your Car at Peak Performance with These Auto Care Tips

No matter how old your car is, it will need regular maintenance performed. The time and mileage can vary depending on many factors but there will almost certainly be maintenance required for the vehicle. There are many parts of the car that are simply not designed to last the life of the car and will need to be replaced or repaired at times. Things like the filters and brake pads are just two items that typically are the first things that will need to be replaced. Knowing when they need to be replaced will be different depending on the model and manufacturer of your car.

Most older cars need service every 3,000 miles. This is the basis for many people however, it’s not always the case. Most modern cars now have warning systems in place to let the driver know when service is needed. Look at your owner’s manual for details on how often your vehicles will need to be serviced. Even between services there are signs that there may be a problem with the car. Here are some things that can go wrong which will mean you need auto repair in Downriver Michigan quickly.

Keep Your Car at Peak Performance with These Auto Care Tips

Using the Right Fuel for Your Car

In the event that you have added the wrong fuel to your car such as gasoline instead of diesel or vice versa, you need to take the car to the service shop immediately. In fact, it’s best to not drive the car and have it towed. It’s much easier to get the fuel tank drained and cleaned than paying for removal of the fuel from the engine.

Some vehicles also require higher octane fuel. Using lower octane fuel can actually cause the car to not run smoothly. It may also burn more fuel than usual and over time it can clog your exhaust components. Higher octane fuel isn’t just cleaner or better fuel but it’s more stable fuel which some higher performance cars need in order to perform as they should.

Being Able To Stop the Car

The brakes on a car are always something that no one thinks about until they need them. If you’ve ever had that frantic moment when you attempt to step on the brake and miss the pedal then you’ll realize just what kind of panic you can have if there was no brakes. If the brakes on your car are making a weird sound, they feel squishy, or if the light on the dashboard is on, then make sure you get the brakes checked out right away. Not being able to go because of a car problem is bad, but not being able to stop can be a disaster. Always make sure you get the brakes replaced and checked at each and every service of the car.

Keep The Air Flowing

For every gallon of fuel that your car uses, did you know that it also uses over 10,000 gallons of air? The air fuel mixture in most cars is a balancing act that is done hundreds of times each and every second to make sure the car is performing as it should. This is one reason why it’s so important to get your filters changed and let the air flow into the car as it should.

Get Regular Service on Your Car

Getting regular service on your car can eliminate many of the problems that you might face with your car. Check your owners manual to see when you should get service and if you’re in the Downriver Michigan area be sure to bring it by Good Care Auto for service. Good Care Auto is a fully ASE certified auto shop that offers a variety of auto services for your car.

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