Don’t Ignore These Signs Your Car Needs Auto Repair in Southgate Michigan

Southgate MI Auto Repair

Keeping your car running as it should means you need to look and listen for problems that may not always present themselves with a broken down vehicle. However, ignoring some of the problems that are listed here can lead to a vehicle breakdown if you don’t take your car in for auto service in Southgate Michigan. I’ve included some of the most common warning signs that you car may be screaming at you telling you it needs auto repair. Ignore these signs and you may find yourself broken down beside the road. 

Don’t Ignore These Signs Your Car Needs Auto Repair in Southgate Michigan

Most cars built today have sophisticated diagnosis systems that constantly monitor the car and it’s systems for problems. However, even with these high tech vehicles there are still some things that may not be listed on warning indicators and you’ll need to pay attention to how the car sounds, how it drives, and also the sights and smells you may find inside the car. If any of the following problems present itself in your car make sure you get it checked by a properly qualified auto repair shop in Southgate Michigan as soon as possible.

Don't Ignore These Signs Your Car Needs Auto Repair in Southgate Michigan

Warning Lights and Messages that Appear on Your Dashboard

As I mentioned above many of the cars and trucks that are built today have sophisticated on board diagnosis that monitor the car continuously. The computer inside your car has information on the way you drive and takes that into consideration in it’s calculations on how the sensors and parts of your car should be performing. If the computer detects a problem with your car in any way it’s way of alerting you, the driver is by a warning light or message on the dashboard of your car. The warning sign may be very generic and just be listed as “check engine” or something similar. Or it can be very specific such as “low coolant”. In any case, if your car warns you that something is wrong, getting it checked is very important and should be done as soon as possible.

Squeaking or Grinding When You Press the Brake Pedal

The brakes on your car are not designed to last the life of the vehicle. They will wear out much sooner than other parts on the car. Replacing the brakes on your car needs to be done regularly on your car. Many times the brakes are never considered until there is a problem. Most cars today will have a squeak when you press the brake pedal of the car when the brakes need to be replaced. Hearing this squeak is usually a sure-fire way to find out your brakes are starting to fail. After it squeaks for a time, it may then have a grinding noise when the brake pedal is pressed which is very dangerous and could mean you are about to lose the braking ability with your car.

Clicking, Tapping, or Knocking While the Engine is Running

Keeping your car well maintained and getting auto service in Southgate Michigan on a schedule can significantly cut down on costly engine repairs. If you hear a clicking or tapping noise coming from your engine be sure to get it checked right away. Sometimes oil pressure can drop in your car and cause this problem and driving it during this time can do permanent damage to your engine and components. There are many reasons why these noises may be coming from the engine from the wrong octane gas in your car to catastrophic engine damage. It’s best to get it serviced by a qualified mechanic to determine just what is wrong.

Difficulty Steering or Jerking of the Steering Wheel

Two of the major systems of your car that can be extremely dangerous if they fail are brakes and steering. Lose either of those systems and you can be in a very dangerous situation. We’ve covered problems with the brakes above but if there is a problem with the steering of the car you’ll usually be able to feel a pull during normal driving. You car should track in a straight line without any effort from you. If the car pulls or jerks or makes any type of noise when turning make sure to get it checked as quickly as possible.

Get Your Car Inspected if You Suspect a Problem

If you’ve noticed any of these problems with your car be sure to get it checked as quickly as possible by a qualified auto repair shop in Southgate Michigan. One of the best auto repair shops is Good Care Auto located at 16399 Fort St in Southgate, MI 48195. Give them a call to learn more at (734) 285-1188

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