Getting Auto Service in Downriver Michigan and Maintaining a Reliable Vehicle

Downriver MI Auto Service

Keeping your car in great shape means you’ll need to take steps that most auto owners don’t take. Getting auto service can keep your car running great but there are some things that the majority of car owners overlook or simply ignore. Keeping your car running reliably means getting the auto service in Downriver Michigan to keep it that way and that doesn’t just mean getting an oil change every three thousand miles. I’ll go over some items that you’ll want to include in your service to help you avoid costly repairs and keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. 

Getting Auto Service in Downriver Michigan and Maintaining a Reliable Vehicle

While this article focuses on things that are in addition to an oil change you’ll certainly need the oil change too. Changing the oil in your car at the recommended time is very important. As oil gets older and is used more it starts to break down. When it breaks down it doesn’t protect crucial engine parts as it should and keep them lubricated. When this happens it can cause catastrophic engine failure resulting in a huge repair bill for your car. So, getting the auto service listed below can help your car run more reliably, it should be in addition to your normal auto service and oil change.

Getting Auto Service in Downriver Michigan and Maintaining a Reliable Vehicle

Your car has several systems that control it. From a fuel delivery system to make sure it goes to a braking system that makes sure it stops. Servicing these individual systems and checking them will sometimes seem like overkill but consider what would happen if you didn’t and the problems that could occur.

Getting the Fuel System on Your Car Serviced

There are several different components that can be serviced on your fuel system. The first step that most auto service repair shops in Downriver Michigan is the fuel pressure. Lower pressure fuel being delivered can mean a weak fuel pump, clogged filters, and more. It may also mean the car will be harder to start and require more engine revolutions before finally starting. It can also mean the car will be less powerful and possibly misfire often. Alternatively, when the fuel pressure drops below a certain point the car will stop running entirely.

Getting the Cooling System Serviced on Your Car

Along with keeping the fuel to the car you’ll also need to keep the car cool. Even though here in Michigan the temperatures can drop below freezing quite frequently it doesn’t mean you car won’t overheat. The cooling system on your car needs to be checked regularly. And if you have never had the radiator flushed on your car it may be a good time to do so. Over time the anti-freeze coolant can break down and have a higher freeze point which can be really bad on your car. Alternatively, it will boil faster than it once did. Keeping the coolant topped off and regularly changed like oil is a must to have a reliable car.

Inspection of Belts and Hoses

A broken belt or a burst hose can bring your car to a stop quickly. Usually when one of these events occur it will likely end up in having to have your car towed and also repaired. Belts and hoses that have wear should be replaced as most are inexpensive and can be done during regular auto service. Make sure you have the mechanic check the hoses and belts during the oil change as some hoses are only visible from beneath the car on some models.

Brakes Inspection on Your Car

All of the tips above can keep your car going down the road but you’ll also want to make sure it stops when you need it to. Most times brakes on the cars of today will have lots of signs of failure before they actually fail. A mechanic can measure and inspect the braking system to determine just how much life they have left and if you should have them serviced.

Use Good Care Auto for All Your Car Service Needs in Downriver Michigan

If you want to keep your car in great shape and continuing to be reliable then consider the auto service options above when getting regular service for your car. Visit Good Care Auto today if you need any of these auto repair service in Downriver Michigan. They have fully qualified ASE mechanics that can help you keep your car in great shape.

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