Don’t Overlook These Car Maintenance Tips That Can Help Your Car Last Longer

Whether you’re taking your car in for routine maintenance and service there are usually different things you’ll be asked if you want included with the service. Determining what you should have done to your car is important because you won’t need to get just the oil changed during service but also other things that many car owners overlook. Keeping your car in great working shape means taking care of it during this service time and making sure you get the service to help your car last a long time. In this article I’ll go over some items that many people simply don’t agree to when getting their car serviced but should. 

Don’t Overlook These Car Maintenance Tips That Can Help Your Car Last Longer

When a car needs service such as when the scheduled service comes up or when a warning message appears on your dashboard it’s always important to get it serviced as quickly as possible. Most car manufacturers recommend that the car be serviced within 500 miles of when the light or message first appeared. And since most fuel tanks on cars allow for the car to go between 300 and 400 miles it’s important that you get it serviced before your second fill up on fuel. During service on your vehicle you’ll want to ensure you use a properly qualified auto repair shop and be sure to include some or all of these services on your car:

Don't Overlook These Car Maintenance Tips That Can Help Your Car Last Longer

Get the Battery on Your Car Checked

As the weather gets colder it can mean trouble for a weak battery. Here in Michigan there can be some brutally cold weather and it can really take a toll on batteries in cars. Have the auto repair shop test your battery to ensure it’s putting out enough voltage and amps to start your car even on the coldest of mornings.

Rotate the Tires on Your Car

Keeping the tires on your car in good shape means you’ll need to rotate them from time to time. Tire rotation isn’t something that is needed at every service but can help the tires last longer in the long term. You will want to ensure the tires are at the correct pressure at each service however. An underinflated tire can fail prematurely and also cause the fuel economy of the car to go down.

Change Wiper Blades and Check Fluid

One thing that’s never a thought until you need it is the wipers on your car. Wiper blades are relatively inexpensive and can be changed quickly during a normal service. Consider changing your wiper blades at least once per year to keep a clear windshield in front of your while driving. Another item you’ll need checked is the wiper fluid in the car. During winter you’ll need to have freeze proof wiper fluid or else it can freeze in the tank and cause all sorts of problems.

Have the Chassis Lubed

Older cars would need to have the chassis lubed more than newer more modern cars. And although most modern cars have chassis parts that are sealed and have their own lubrication system it’s always a good idea to have parts that can be lubricated done. This can help with cutting down on noise from the chassis of the car and also help to make some parts such as ball joints last longer.

Don’t Ignore Warning Lights on Your Dashboard

Cars today have sophisticated computer systems that constantly monitor the car. The computer constantly gets input from sensors about how the car is performing and it makes decisions on what the car needs. This happens thousands of times per minute and it measures things like altitude, fuel usage, air temperatures, and much more. But it also tests and checks systems on the car and when it finds a problem or issue it tries to tell you by illuminating a warning light or message on the dashboard. It’s very important that you don’t ignore these messages. If there is a problem it’s very important that you get the car serviced right away for the warning or message.


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