Lift Kits for Your Vehicle’s Suspension in Downriver Michigan

Lift Kits for Your Vehicle's Suspension in Downriver Michigan

You don’t need a four wheel drive vehicle in order to get your car or truck lifted in the air these days. In fact, there are many cars and trucks that are currently on the road that utilize lift kits for a variety of reasons. One in particular is to install larger wheels to the car or truck. This article Looks at how lift kits work and what you can expect when you have a lift kit installed on your car or truck in Downriver Michigan. 

Lift Kits for Your Vehicle’s Suspension in Downriver Michigan

Getting a car or truck lifted can bring about all sorts of chassis and suspension problems. When you use lift kits to raise a vehicle however, many of these problems are not as pronounced and the additional components that come with the lift kit can fix these problems in most cases.

How Much Lift Do You Need?

One of the main factors when it comes to installing a lift kit is the amount of lift that is needed for the vehicle. Some lift kits in Downriver Michigan only lift the car or truck a small amount such as two inches. This small amount usually doesn’t have much effect on other components and can be handled without much problem.

For lifting a vehicle more than two inches you may face additional problems. One of the most common problems for cars and trucks is the length of the axles as opposed to the transmission or the rear end in rear wheel drive vehicles. Because the motor and transmission is now set farther away from the wheels the drive axles will not be long enough. If you don’t change the axles or compensate for this somehow when lifting a vehicle more than two inches it’s very likely that the axles will break and fail.

Other Problems with Lift Kits

Lots of people are now installing wheels that are over 20 inches tall. While some cars and trucks may be able to handle this, the cars and trucks that can’t need a lift kit installed. Other problems can arise as well, including the wheels or tires striking the inside fender wells when turning. Over extension of shocks and struts may also be a problem.

Keep in mind as well that the body will be set higher than normal when you add a lift kit to the equation. This will cause the center of gravity for the vehicle to rise causing handling problems. It will likely offset your speedometer and odometer as well.

Just like with lowering kits in Downriver Michigan for your car or truck there are many things that can go wrong or perform less than needed with Lift Kits. Be sure to get them professionally installed on your car or truck.

Lift Kits

Get Your Lift Kit Professionally Installed in Downriver Michigan

When installing lift kits for your car or truck there can be all sorts of problems if you’re attempting to raise the vehicle more than two inches. If you’re considering raising your car or truck and you’re in the Downriver Michigan area be sure to check with the repair shops in Downriver Michigan first to make sure they are professionally installed and you won’t have any chassis problems later.

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