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Lift Kits for Your Vehicle's Suspension in Downriver Michigan

Lift Kits for Your Vehicle’s Suspension in Downriver Michigan

You don’t need a four wheel drive vehicle in order to get your car or truck lifted in the air these days. In fact, there are many cars and trucks that are currently on the road that utilize lift kits for a variety of reasons. One in particular is to […]

Vehicle Rust Repairs in Downriver Michigan

Vehicle Rust Repairs in Downriver Michigan

When you car or truck starts to age a bit there is always the problem of rust starting to form on body panels and even in structural components of the car. Getting these repairs done as soon as possible can stop the rust from spreading. That’s why getting vehicle rust […]

modification in Downriver Michigan

Make Your Car Stand Out with Body Modification in Downriver Michigan

Having a car that is unique to you is something that many people want. They want to showcase their personality through their car and drive a car that turns heads where ever they go. If you want a vehicle like this then you’ll need body modifications done to your car. […]

Frame Replacement in Downriver Michigan

Need Vehicle Frame Replacement in Downriver Michigan? Watch Out!

The frame of your car is like the backbone of the vehicle. When something happens to the frame also every other part on the car suffers. It will not drive correctly and it puts all sorts of stress on other parts of the vehicle. Getting your frame repaired may not […]

Do You Need Your Swaybar Replaced in Downriver Michigan

Do You Need Your Swaybar Replaced in Downriver Michigan?

Your car’s suspension has many parts that keeps it giving you a smooth ride. Sometimes these components can fail and make your vehicle feel more like a horse and wagon rather than the sophisticated piece of technology that it is. One of these suspension components is the swaybar. In this […]

Common Wheel Hub Bearings Problems in Downriver Michigan

Common Wheel Hub Bearings Problems in Downriver Michigan

Your car was designed to roll down the street with as little drag as possible. One thing that helps it do that is the wheel hub bearings on your car or truck. They work to give you a smooth ride with as little friction as possible. However, sometimes wheel hub […]