Your Car Maybe Making You Sick… Here’s Why You Need Exhaust Repair

Exhaust on Car

A huge threat that many people never think about when it comes to their automobiles is carbon monoxide poisoning. Your car produces this toxic gas and it’s expelled through the exhaust of your car. While there are components in place to help make sure this toxic fumes don’t end up in the car, it is a possibility when there are problems with your exhaust system. And this not only can cause problems with how the vehicle runs and drives but it can also make you very sick and if left unattended to it can be fatal. Avoid this by keeping your exhaust on your vehicle in good working order. Make sure to take your car to a reputable mechanic or repair shop in Downriver Michigan if you suspect there is something wrong. We’ll go over more tips concerning exhaust in this article. 

Your Car Maybe Making You Sick… Here’s Why You Need Exhaust Repair

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be very dangerous and if there is a problem with your car’s exhaust it’s always best to get it checked by a certified repair shop. Allowing the car to keep letting exhaust fumes inside the car can make you sick and should be avoided. You’ll also want to ensure the car doesn’t let the fumes in through vents in the interior of the car which can also be a problem. You may notice a different noise and a little louder noise when an exhaust leak is present. Some people even say exhaust problems sound like the car is misfiring. In reality, it may be and the exhaust system in the car is used to ensure proper pressure on the internal components of the engine. When that pressure is not there, engine damage can sometimes occur, especially in the valve train of the engine.

Your Car Maybe Making You Sick... Here's Why You Need Exhaust Repair

Why Exhaust Problems Are So Dangerous

As the engine of the car burns gasoline through it’s internal combustion process the spent fumes are then funneled out of each cylinder into an exhaust pipe. These fumes are then analyzed by the sensors in the exhaust. They help to determine if the car is using enough gasoline and air to get the most power from the fuel being used. The sensors then tell the car’s computer how to adjust the fuel air mixture accordingly. This process takes places thousands of times each minute. Once an exhaust leak develops however, the entire process goes haywire. Typically, sensors will not pick up the unburned gasoline in the exhaust and thinks the car needs more gasoline. As more gasoline is added the fumes from the spent fuel is greater causing more of a problem. As these fumes make their way out of the exhaust they can end up in the cabin of the vehicle either through open windows or by vents in the dashboard. The exhaust fumes are usually more prominent when sitting still such as at red lights or stop signs.

Causes of Exhaust Failures

The causes of exhaust failure can be anything that damages the exhaust components or piping. Driving over debris in the roadway can cause damage to the exhaust. Other common causes for exhaust problems here in Michigan is rust on the exhaust causing the leaks to occur. Salt from roadways can have a huge effect on the exhaust system and cause it to rust.

Components that May Need Repair

There are several components to the exhaust system on most cars and small trucks. The exhaust manifold is the initial piping that collects the exhaust fumes. This is usually a very hot piping that has heat protection installed. The exhaust fumes are then funneled into a catalytic converter which is designed to burn any unused fuel from the exhaust. The exhaust fumes are then piped to a muffler which is designed to help reduce the noise of the exhaust. By this point in the process the fumes have cooled down considerably but still pose a threat if they are breathed in. Any leak or puncture in any of these components can be a huge problem and needs to be repaired.

Getting Regular Service on Your Exhaust

One thing that you can do is to get regular service on your car’s exhaust system. Because of the salt on roads here in Michigan the exhaust in our area faces more of a problem than in other parts of the country. To get your car inspected and any exhaust problems repaired today in Downriver Michigan be sure to check out Good Care Auto today.



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