Could Your Brakes Be on the Verge of Failing? Look at These Warning Signs

More and more safety features are included in vehicles. From cars that can apply the brakes automatically when approaching an obstacle to advanced anti-lock braking systems to keep you in control when hard braking situations arise. But while all these braking system upgrades can really help you they need to be working properly. When the brakes on your vehicle start to show some of the signs that I will outline in this article you’ll need to get it checked at a properly certified auto repair shop. Don’t overlook these items or you could be putting yourself and your family at risk of an accident. 

Could Your Brakes Be on the Verge of Failing? Look at These Warning Signs

In most situations the brakes on your car is designed to help slow the car down even if they are having some problems. Redundancy in the braking system helps to stop the vehicle albeit not as fast but it can be stopped usually on most occasions. However, once a braking problem presents itself it’s very important to get it checked right away rather than continuing to drive a car with defective brakes. Apart from speed and tire failure, brake problems top the list as causes for accidents from vehicle failure. If any of the following braking problem signs occurs on your car be sure to get it checked right away.

Could Your Brakes Be on the Verge of Failing

Does Your Car Squeak When Brakes are Applied?

A common problem on many cars is the brake pads wearing down. Brake pads are designed slowly wear down over time and will need to be replaced. Hard braking can cause the brake pads to fail faster. However,  usually before the brake pads wear down to a point they won’t work properly there is usually a squealing sound that will come from the brakes. There is a warning tab that causes this squealing on the brake pads when they are wearing thin and to the point that they need to be replaced. Be warned however, that this tab will eventually break off and the squealing may stop but it certainly doesn’t mean your brakes are good again, in fact, just the opposite. Continuing to drive the car will damage several other brake components and you can lose the brakes completely once these components fail.

Vibrations While Braking Aren’t Good

If your car tracks correctly and vibrates when the brakes are applied you may have damaged brake components. Typically, when the brakes overheat it can warp and cause problems with these braking components. The most common problem is warping of the brake rotors which usually mean the car will vibrate slightly when the brakes are applied. There are several other causes for a car to vibrate but specifically when braking and you’ll need to get the brakes checked on the car for safety.

ABS or Brake Light is On

Today’s vehicles are really advanced pieces of technology that makes millions of calculations and checks while you drive just a mile down the road. Warning lights on your dashboard can give you a heads up when it comes to your brakes. Chances are the vehicle will detect a problem in the braking system before you feel or hear it. And if the warning light for brake or ABS is on the dashboard and illuminated then be sure to get the car checked. You’ll also want to ensure these lights are working when you first start the car. A blown bulb can sometimes give you false security and you may not even realize there is a problem.

Excessive Brake Dust on Wheels of Vehicle

The brake dust that appears on the wheels of your car are from the brake pads as they wear down. Some brake pads are made from better materials and composites so that brake dust is kept at a minimum. However, when brake problems occur and cause excessive brake dust to build up, especially on a single wheel then you’re likely facing a brake problem. Make sure to get the brakes checked by a qualified mechanic. Also during this time you may see your fuel consumption for the car go up as well.

Getting Service for Your Brakes

If your car has any of these signs it’s important to get it checked right away. The brakes on your car aren’t something you want to go without. You’ll also need to make sure you use a properly certified mechanic. The service shop we recommend for readers in the Downriver Michigan area is Good Care Auto. Good Care Auto is a fully certified ASE repair shop that services both foreign and domestic vehicles in the Downriver Michigan area


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