5 Things That Can Make Your Car Fail Prematurely

We depend on our cars each and every day to take us where we need to go and get us back home safely. Getting in your car and starting the engine and driving it without any issues is something we all expect out of our vehicles. However, sometimes there are things that we do, as drivers, that can make the car fail prematurely. In this article I’ll go over 5 things that you may be doing as a driver to your can to cause it to wear and fail prematurely. 

5 Things That Can Make Your Car Fail Prematurely

With the following 5 things being listed it’s important that if you have any issues related to them it’s important to get it checked right away. Finding a problem with your car and getting it repaired quickly can actually save you money since your car may have issues when that component fails. In either case, if you want to drive a safe, well maintained car, that is dependable then you’ll need to adhere to the following tips.

5 Things That Can Make Your Car Fail Prematurely

Tires Can Be a Big Issue on Your Car

The tires on your vehicle are very important and need to be well maintained. They are the only part of the car that touches the road and your only connection to it if something happens you’ll need them to perform as they should. Keeping the tire pressures correct on your car is very important. Over inflating or under inflated tires can cause traction issues which is unsafe but it can also cause the tires to wear prematurely. You’ll also want to keep the wheels aligned so that uneven wear does not occur on the tires. A simple visual inspection can determine if the tires are starting to wear uneven. Keeping the tires rotated can also help with tire wear.

Riding the Brakes on Your Vehicle

We’ve all been behind that person on the road that always have their foot on the brake pedal and the brake light stays on in the car. Keep in mind that when you ride the brakes on your car you not only can wear the brakes out quickly it can also cause lots of brake dust to accumulate on the wheels of the car. Riding the brakes will also affect fuel mileage and cause your car to use more fuel since the load will be more. If you have a manual transmission riding the clutch will also be very bad on your transmission and clutch system in the car.

Improper Services or No Service at All on Your Car

Most cars today have scheduled services that need to be performed on the car. While regular car services which include checking fluids, changing oil, etc.. is good it’s certainly not all that needs to be done. Some services are recommended by the manufacturers include changing transmission fluid, replacing timing belts, and more. You’ll need to check your owners manual for details on when these scheduled services need to done.

Not Using the Correct Fuel in Your Car

Your car was manufactured to use a specific octane level of fuel. Higher octane fuels are more stable and some cars require these higher octane fuels. This can be especially true in turbo charged or super charged cars that are equipped with knock sensors to pick up pre-detonation. Using the wrong fuel type in your car means you’re likely making it not perform as it should.

Ignoring Warning Lights and Signs on Your Car

One of the advantages of cars today is their sophisticated network of sensors and computers designed to keep the car running good. When there is a problem on the car you may not sense a change in the driving of the car but since the car is so advanced with diagnostics you may have a problem. Make sure that you have your car serviced and checked if a warning light appears on the dashboard of your car.

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