Tips for Preventing Fires When Servicing Your Car

Tips for Preventing Fires When Servicing Your Car

Working on a vehicle can be hazardous. There are things that can happen in the blink of an eye that can really make for a bad day. The best thing to do is have safety in mind whenever you’re working on your car. And preventing fires when working on your car is a must. In this article I’ll go over some tips that can help you be more safe when servicing or working on your vehicle. These tips for┬ápreventing fires when servicing your car is a must for anyone who servicing their own car.

Tips for Preventing Fires When Servicing Your Car

Although the following tips aren’t in any specific order, it’s best to make sure you look at each one of them and really give some thought of how it can help you or how you can implement changes in your garage or work area.

Make Sure You Have a Fire Extinguisher

First and foremost if something happens and you do have a fire, having a way to battle small fires before they become big is a must. A fire extinguisher can help you stop small fires and minimize damage to your car and garage.

Always have the fire extinguisher in the same place. Don’t move it around. You don’t want to search for it when you have a fire. Keeping it near an exit is best so you can have an escape route if the fire gets out of hand too quickly.

Don’t Store Oily Rags or Towels in a Closed Container

When storing used rags and towels that may have gas or oil on them be sure not to store them in an airtight container. Sometimes chemicals may ignite causing a fire. If you do store oily rags in your garage make sure they are kept away from any open flames such as pilot lights or heaters. The fumes from rags that were doused in gasoline can be extremely flammable so be sure to store them correctly. In places like Michigan, there are many furnaces that use pilot lights so it’s best to make sure to keep them away from your furnace.

Dry Spills Quickly

When there is a spill of oils or gas it’s important to dry it quickly. Not only will it create a fall hazard due to the slippery substance but it could also be a fire hazard. Use an absorbent to cover gas and oil leaks. Sometime oil absorbent is called ‘kitty litter’ because it looks much the same.

Clean Up the Area

Having a work space that is clear of debris and obstacles can help you prevent fires. It can also give you a better chance of escaping if there were a flash fire. Keep your work area clean and all materials that are flammable in the correct locations. Having everything in an orderly spot can really help you in case there is a fire.

Take a Practice Run


One of the best tips I can give you is to set yourself up for a practice run. Pretend there is a fire where you’re working and you need to deal with it. Do you know where everything is such as fire extinguisher and exits? Can you get out quickly and without much effort?

These are some of the things you’ll need to know when dealing with a fire while servicing your vehicle. Remember however, it’s best to try to keep yourself safe by preventing fires rather than fighting them. And if it’s a large fire, don’t try to be a hero, get yourself to safety. Homes, cars, and other material things can be replaced, lives can’t. Stay safe out there!


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