Signs You Need Brake Repair in Downriver Michigan

Brakes on Cars in Michigan

Riding around with your brakes giving trouble is dangerous to you and everyone around you. What’s even worse is that your brakes could be failing and you may not even realize it. Instead of taking a chance on your brakes working right it’s always best to get brake service in Downriver Michigan when you think they may be something wrong with them. I’ll go over some of the most common signs that your brakes are starting to give problems in this article.¬†

Signs You Need Brake Repair in Downriver Michigan

If you drive your car everyday then you know just how the car feels when driving. From how fast it can accelerate to how loud the engine should be when sitting at a stop light. Many times things happen with the vehicle and it just seems like something is off or amiss in the car. When this happens with your brakes it’s time to get it inspected. If it feels like your brakes simply aren’t working as well as they should or they go much lower than normal chances are you’re going to need brake service in Downriver Michigan on them. Do not attempt to drive a car without brakes! You may need to get the vehicle towed to your local mechanic shop to get the brakes repaired.

Do not attempt to drive a car without brakes! You may need to get the vehicle towed to your local mechanic shop to get the brakes repaired.

Squeaking Sound Coming From the Brakes

Normal brake wear is always occurring on your car. Each time you tap the brakes with your foot it uses part of the brake pads to stop the car. This is completely normal that brake pads and brake shoes wear out over time. Once the brake pads wear to a certain point they usually give off a squealing or squeaking sound when you hit the brakes. This helps to let you know that the brake pads are needing service. If the car has been squeaking for some time it may stop giving this warning sign. This doesn’t mean the car’s brakes are good but it can mean they have worn to dangerous levels. When in doubt it’s always best to get your brakes checked by a certified mechanic.

Signs You Need Brake Repair in Downriver Michigan

Does Your Brake Peddle Vibrate When Pressed?

Sometimes your car stops and brakes as it should but it gives feedback through the pedal as vibrations. Typically, when a brake pedal vibrates it means that something in the front of the car in the braking system is likely damaged by heat. Usually rotors in the braking system can become damaged by heat buildup from the brakes but there may be other causes. If you feel vibrations or feedback from the brake pedal you’ll want to get the brakes checked and make sure everything is lined up correctly and not damaged by heat.

Warning Lights on Your Dashboard

A clear sign that you may need brake service is the warning light on your dashboard. Today’s cars and truck have sophisticated computer systems that monitor the car and can diagnose and test many different systems in the car in real time. If the car senses there is something wrong with the brakes then getting it checked out should be a must. When the brake light is on in your car be sure to let a certified mechanic check it out and determine why the light is on. You may also want to look for the light test when you start your car. Sometimes the brake bulb can be burnt out and not lighted up which still may mean you have a problem with your car’s braking system.

Use a Certified Mechanic to Work on Your Car’s Brakes

As I mentioned above, today’s cars and trucks are much more sophisticated than ones built just a decade ago. With on board computer systems and anti-lock braking technologies added you’ll certainly want someone who is properly trained and certified in brakes for your car’s model to work on your car. At Michigan Auto Pros we feature high quality mechanics and auto shops in the Downriver Michigan area. If you need brake¬†repair in Downriver Michigan be sure to check out some of the featured auto shops on Michigan Auto Pros today.


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