Signs You May Need Radiator Repair in Downriver Michigan

Signs You May Need Radiator Repair in Downriver Michigan

With summer time just around the corner it’s important to make sure your car’s engine stays cool to operate with maximum efficiency. The car’s radiator is an important element to the cooling of the engine. In this article I’ll discuss some of the signs that your radiator may be giving trouble and even starting to fail. So before your car overheats this summer be sure to check out these signs you might need radiator repair in Downriver Michigan.

Signs You May Need Radiator Repair in Downriver Michigan

If your radiator is giving you trouble it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Since the radiator plays such a huge role in the car’s cooling system if you drive the car with radiator problems you risk ruining the engine of the vehicle. Overheating your car’s engine is something that is very problematic for the engine and could cause irreparable damage. So be sure to get your radiator repair in Downriver Michigan is you experience any of the signs listed below:

Always Check the Temperature Gauge on Your Car


Some car’s are equipped with a temperature gauge that has the temperature of the engine. Usually normal range is about halfway on the gauge and when the car starts to overheat the gauge will run more and more hot. Keeping a close watch on the temperature gauge can help you determine if you need radiator repair in Downriver Michigan because the car will start to get more and more hot. If you suspect your car is getting higher than normal be sure to get it checked out at a repair shop in Downriver Michigan before you damage your engine.

overheating in Downriver Michigan

For cars that don’t have a temperature gauge there is usually a light the comes on warning you the car is overheating. Unfortunately, the light only comes on when the car is already overheated and it doesn’t give you much warning beforehand. If you experience an overheating light in your car be sure to get it checked by a mechanic in Downriver Michigan right away.

Is There Puddles on the Ground After You Have Parked the Car?

The reason why most cars’ radiators fail is because they get leaks in them and the coolant used to cool the car leaks out. If you notice puddles of liquid under your car after you’ve driven it then you may have a coolant leak. If it’s coolant that is leaking out the color will likely be green or red. Also if you do notice this coolant on the ground make sure that a pet can’t get to it. Coolant can be fatal if ingested by animals.

Check the Level of Coolant in the Car


The coolant acts to cool the car’s engine and without it your car will likely overheat. As I mentioned above if you notice coolant leaking from your car be sure to get radiator repair in Downriver Michigan straight away. But it’s also a good idea to check your coolant level from time to time. Most cars have a clear tank where the coolant is stored and a visual check will only be needed. Check your car’s service manual for more information on checking the coolant level. If you notice the coolant level going down over time you may have a small leak that will need to be addressed.

Steam and Hissing Could Be Signs of a Busted Radiator

When your vehicle runs hot it may give off some unusual sound and steam may come from underneath the hood. After driving for a period of time listen for this hissing and look for signs of steam coming out if you suspect you need radiator repair in Downriver Michigan.

When a car’s engine starts to overheat the coolant may start escaping due to building pressure in the system. The steam will vent from the system so that hoses don’t burst. If the system continues to vent this way more and more coolant will be lost causing the car to get more and more overheated. It’s very important that you do not attempt to add any coolant or remove any caps from the car if you suspect it is overheating. For proper procedures on adding coolant be sure to only add coolant when the car is cool and check the owners manual for more information.


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