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Keeping Your Car in Great Shape : The Modern Car Tune-Up in Downriver Michigan

Ever been driving with the radio turned up and hear a noise but can’t tell if it came from your car or the song? As you turn down the volume, reality sets in and you realize that bumping sound isn’t the beat of a drum but is instead coming from […]

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How to Winterize Your Ride in Michigan This Holiday Season

As temperatures plummet here in Michigan, vehicle maintenance takes a back seat to turkey and good tidings.  Truth is, winter is the most important time to service your vehicle. From inconvenient to downright treacherous, driving in winter weather takes a toll on both drivers and their cars. There are several […]

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The Evolution of Auto Maintenance in Michigan

Whether you’re a racecar driver, lifelong motorist, or newly-minted license holder ready to hit the road, car maintenance should be on the forefront of every commuter’s consideration.  Jobs that could once be done on a Sunday afternoon over a couple of hours may now require careful planning and specialized tools. […]

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A Primer on Collision Repair in Downriver Michigan

Automobile accidents can be downright terrifying. The brace for impact, the squealing tires, the broken glass, metal and plastic – it’s over before you know it, but the results can be devastating. Hopefully you’ve walked away unscathed. If so, once the dust settles the first thing that may come to […]

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Need New Tires in Downriver Michigan? Check These Tips

Tires are your car’s shoes, and like shoes, different tires serve different purposes. For many, the search for a new set begins when the current ones are worn to their limit.  Most drivers want a tire that can perform across a range of conditions at an affordable price. When shopping […]

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What Is Your Check Engine Light in Downriver Michigan Trying to Say?

Check engine lights have been sending shivers down the spines of drivers ever since computers took control of cars. You know the one – that orange light vaguely resembling the outline of a motor, usually offset to one side of the speedometer. If you’re like many, the sight of this […]

Inspection and Maintenance of Your Car’s Braking System in Michigan

When was the last time you had your brakes inspected? If you can’t remember, it might be time to schedule an appointment with a certified auto service shop in Michigan. Your brakes influence handling and keep you and your passengers safe. They’re also the only part of your vehicle entirely […]

Breaking Down the Importance of Car Maintenance in Michigan

If you’re reading this, chances are you own a car. Most motorists understand the concept of car maintenance, but fewer grasp the reasons behind why parts wear, and which are the most likely to cause catastrophic damage if neglected. Today’s vehicles are engineering marvels, requiring teams of the brightest engineers […]

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Going Bald: The Dangers of Worn Tires in Downriver Michigan

Ever take a turn a little too fast, hit a puddle a tad too deep, or maybe a patch of black ice and realize you’ve momentarily handed over control of your vehicle to the hazards of the road? For most of us, it’s a moment that lasts but a second […]

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Drive Safe This Summer in Michigan With These Tips

When it comes to accidents many people think that winter is the worse time but actually during summer, there are more traffic fatalities. More people are usually on the road during summer and taking longer road trips. Sometimes we try and squeeze a bit too much vacation in and this […]