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Auto Maintenance

Dashboard Warning Lights

Here’s What to Do When the Battery Light on Your Car Comes on in Michigan

One of the more common problems that can occur on vehicles is the battery light coming on. This warning light means that something is going on with the car’s electrical system. While you may be able to drive your car when this happens you’ll need to get it checked out […]

Get a 4 Wheel Alignment in Downriver Michigan

Here’s Why Having Your Car Aligned is So Important in Downriver Michigan

Driving your car on any normal day and it should stay on a straight path even if you let go of the steering wheel. When it doesn’t it not only causes frustration but it can also cause other parts of the car to fail and actually be a huge safety […]

Don't Overlook These Critical Service Details on Your Car

Tips That Can Save You Money on Auto Repair in Michigan

Car repair can cost thousands of dollars and sometimes it seems to happen at the worst possible times. Okay, let’s face it, they seem to ALWAYS happen at the worst possible times. However, there are some things that you can do that can save you lots of money on car […]

Service for your car in Lincoln Park Michigan

Consider These Additional Services for Your Car in Lincoln Park Michigan

Keeping your car running smoothly means you’ll need to take it in for regular servicing. Typically, most auto owners consider the oil being changed as the only thing that is needed. While it’s one of the most important there are many other auto services in Lincoln Park Michigan that can […]

Brakes on Cars in Michigan

Signs You Need Brake Repair in Downriver Michigan

Riding around with your brakes giving trouble is dangerous to you and everyone around you. What’s even worse is that your brakes could be failing and you may not even realize it. Instead of taking a chance on your brakes working right it’s always best to get brake service in […]

Does Your Car Need Brake Pads in Lincoln Park Michigan?

When you car stops going it’s truly frustrating and can make for a bad day. One of the only things worse than a car not going is having one that won’t stop. When you have brake problems it can literally be a life or death situation for you and your […]

5 Signs You May Need Transmission Repair in Downriver Michigan

5 Signs You May Need Transmission Repair in Downriver Michigan

Keeping your car running and driving as it should means you’ll need to continually get it serviced over it’s useful life. Just like your engine needs oil changes and servicing your transmission in your can needs to be serviced as well, however, it’s not as often. In this article I’ll […]

Does Your Car Vibrate? Get it Checked in Downriver Michigan

A dangerous situation in a vehicle is when it vibrates during driving. There are many different causes for your car or truck to vibrate while you are driving it. The problems can range from something as simple as a wheel that needs to be balanced to a transmission or an […]

Is There Noise Coming From the Brakes

Here’s Why You May Need Brake Shops in Taylor Michigan

The brakes on your car are one of the most important systems on board. Without the ability to stop you can really be in a dangerous situation. There are many times when the brakes on your car will actually give you a little warning before they actually stop working completely. […]

Getting Auto Repairs and Alignment

Signs That It’s Time For A Car Alignment in Michigan

Does your car need alignment? Needing alignment for your car and not getting it can cause damage to the tires and suspension systems of your car. If you ignore the signs and don’t get an alignment it could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It can also cause […]

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