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Auto Service

Could Your Brakes Be on the Verge of Failing? Look at These Warning Signs

More and more safety features are included in vehicles. From cars that can apply the brakes automatically when approaching an obstacle to advanced anti-lock braking systems to keep you in control when hard braking situations arise. But while all these braking system upgrades can really help you they need to […]

Calling for a Tow Truck in Southgate Michigan

Who Should You Call For Towing Service in Southgate Michigan?

We’ve all been in a situation before where we needed a tow truck. It may have started with a weird sound your car was making or just stopping completely. Whatever the reason when you need a tow truck in Southgate Michigan the best auto service center to call is Good […]

Get a 4 Wheel Alignment in Downriver Michigan

Here’s Why Having Your Car Aligned is So Important in Downriver Michigan

Driving your car on any normal day and it should stay on a straight path even if you let go of the steering wheel. When it doesn’t it not only causes frustration but it can also cause other parts of the car to fail and actually be a huge safety […]

Don't Overlook These Critical Service Details on Your Car

Don’t Overlook These Critical Service Details on Your Car

As long as our cars are running as they should and not making any funny noises we usually think that everything is okay. We tend to overlook certain things about our car simply because it’s just not convenient to go to the service center to get it checked out. However, […]

Don't Overlook These Critical Service Details on Your Car

Tips That Can Save You Money on Auto Repair in Michigan

Car repair can cost thousands of dollars and sometimes it seems to happen at the worst possible times. Okay, let’s face it, they seem to ALWAYS happen at the worst possible times. However, there are some things that you can do that can save you lots of money on car […]

Brake Pad / Caliper / Rotor Replacements Downriver MI

Brake Pad / Caliper / Rotor Replacements Downriver MI

Having brakes that work well and can stop on a dime is critical no matter what kind of car or truck you drive. If you notice a grinding or squealing noise, your brakes may already be failing, meaning you need to get to a licensed auto repair facility right away. […]

Oil Change in Lincoln Park MI

Oil Change in Lincoln Park MI: Learn What You Need to Know

Best Auto Repair If you’re in need of an oil change for your truck or car, you need to find an auto repair shop that has been in business for at least 15 years. If you’re searching online, look for “best auto repair” and then make sure they have ASE […]

Service for your car in Lincoln Park Michigan

Consider These Additional Services for Your Car in Lincoln Park Michigan

Keeping your car running smoothly means you’ll need to take it in for regular servicing. Typically, most auto owners consider the oil being changed as the only thing that is needed. While it’s one of the most important there are many other auto services in Lincoln Park Michigan that can […]

Brakes on Cars in Michigan

Signs You Need Brake Repair in Downriver Michigan

Riding around with your brakes giving trouble is dangerous to you and everyone around you. What’s even worse is that your brakes could be failing and you may not even realize it. Instead of taking a chance on your brakes working right it’s always best to get brake service in […]

Does Your Car Need Brake Pads in Lincoln Park Michigan?

When you car stops going it’s truly frustrating and can make for a bad day. One of the only things worse than a car not going is having one that won’t stop. When you have brake problems it can literally be a life or death situation for you and your […]

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