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Is There Noise Coming From the Brakes

Here’s Why You May Need Brake Shops in Taylor Michigan

The brakes on your car are one of the most important systems on board. Without the ability to stop you can really be in a dangerous situation. There are many times when the brakes on your car will actually give you a little warning before they actually stop working completely. […]

Brake Repair Shops

The Best Brake Shops in Wyandotte Michigan Have This in Common

When your brakes aren’t working correctly on your car it can be an extremely dangerous situation. Imagine what would happen if you were to pull up to a stop sign of a busy intersection and you had absolutely zero brakes what so ever? The scenario is certainly a scary one […]

Best Cadillac Repair Shops Downriver Michigan

Best Cadillac Repair Shops Downriver Michigan

Owning a Cadillac is a special thing. The car company was established in 1902, and named after Antoine Laumet de La Mothe Cadillac, who founded Detroit in the 16th century. When you own such a vehicle, you take extra good care of it, whether you’re driving a new or used […]


Brake Shops in Trenton Michigan You Can Trust

The brakes on your vehicle are one of the biggest safety features available and if they aren’t working properly you’re not only risking your car but your safety and your family’s safety as well. When your brakes are giving problems or your brake light is on make sure you get […]


Auto Repair Shops in Lincoln Park, Michigan

No time is a good time to have problems with your car.  It is inconvenient and usually costs more than expected.  It would be wonderful to have an auto repair shop that is close by, friendly, capable of most repairs and reasonable with pricing.

Getting Auto Repairs and Alignment

Signs That It’s Time For A Car Alignment in Michigan

Does your car need alignment? Needing alignment for your car and not getting it can cause damage to the tires and suspension systems of your car. If you ignore the signs and don’t get an alignment it could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It can also cause […]

How to find the best roofers in Plymouth MI

Best VW repair shop you can find in Downriver Michigan

You might think that since you live in the Metro Detroit area you can only find good mechanics who work on domestic vehicles. Well, think again. A reputable, distinguished auto repair shop should be able to fix any make or model of car, including foreign types. If you’re dealing with […]

Auto Body Repairs in Lincoln Park Michigan

Auto Body Repairs in Lincoln Park Michigan

Keeping your car looking great is sometimes difficult. Storms can pummel your car with snow, ice, and hail. Simply parking at the local grocery store can sometimes pick up dings and small dents to your car by people who drive a shopping car like a bumper car. Or maybe you […]

Suspension Modification in Downriver Michigan

Everything You Need to Know about Suspension Fabrication in Downriver MI

Sometimes cars and trucks don’t have the suspension to handle custom modifications. When this happens you’ll need an expert shop that can handle those modifications. That’s when it’s important to get the best suspension fabrication in Downriver Michigan and we can help.

Downriver Collision Repair and Body Work Tips

Downriver Collision Repair and Body Work Tips

Were you involved in an accident? Although that might sound like the opening line to a commercial for a lawyer, it’s not. After you have cleared medical needs and any legal matters your attention usually turns to getting your car repaired after an accident. For people living in Downriver Michigan […]

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